Weathering The Elements: Merino’s Armour External Wall Cladding Makes A Mark For Itself As An All Weather Protector

Merino Industries Limited, the laminates giant focused upon quality home solutions, has introduced its premium offering, Merino Armour External Wall Cladding, an exterior based proposition — meticulously crafted to thrive in the diverse and challenging climate of the Indian subcontinent. This range offers a variety of high-quality, luxurious designs that not only elevates the design philosophy associated with a space but also withstand the rigours of these conditions.

The Armour External Wall Cladding is available in two variants: Armour Film and Armour Superclad. Armour Film features a UV-resistant filmed layer, ensuring durability, while Armour Superclad harnesses “Merino’s Superclad Technology” for unparalleled weather resilience that can stand the tests of time. The cladding contributes to sustainability by efficiently managing heat and moisture, resulting in approximately 20% reduced energy consumption to maintain indoor room temperatures. Armour Film is corrosion-resistant, termite-proof, and graffiti-resistant, ensuring both longevity and aesthetics. Merino’s Armour is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and has been known to exhibit excellent colour fastness. The utilisation of SuperClad Technology aids in heat and moisture removal from rain or condensation in the cavity through continuous air ventilation, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

This cladding excels in all facets of durability. It is highly weather-resistant, impervious to UV damage, resilient to abrupt climatic changes and corrosion, and resistant to graffiti, termites, abrasion, fire, and external impact as well. Thus, the range from the interior and exterior solutions major can be deemed perfect for balconies, ventilated facades, ceilings, pillars, doors, outdoor fences, and various external wall applications. The product stands out due to its innovative technology, guaranteeing endurance in the face of adverse weather conditions, which can well be called as its true USP. Homeowners or interior designers, on the other hand — can choose from a wide selection of designs that comprise Woodgrain, Patterns, and Solids, with standard sizes of 4×8 feet. Merino’s cladding solutions has already made a name for itself in the international markets as the company exports this product and enjoys a solid presence in the global arena for the same.

To sum it all, Merino Armour External Wall Cladding stands as a culmination of sophistication and resilience. Designed to thrive in the dynamic climate of the Indian subcontinent, this cladding not only enhances the aesthetics of a home’s exteriors but also ensures their long-lasting protection, promising a harmonious blend of beauty and strength. With the ability to resist the harshest elements, the range is Merino’s answer to timeless elegance and sustainable living.

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