What Are Harms Of Being Involved In Short Videos?

While short videos can be entertaining, there are various negative aspects that cannot be ignored

Short videos such as YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram Reels, etc. have become a craze across the globe. People across various age groups are watching these short videos in ever greater numbers. While short video platforms have high entertainment value, concerns have been raised by various doctors and social scientists. Let us delve deeper and try to identify some of the major harms of being involved in short videos.

Risking education and career – While it is good to aspire, short videos may not be a ticket to fame and glory. Many people get involved in short videos, thinking that they will become a famous YouTuber. However, the truth is that only a few among thousands succeed. Initially, one can try short videos as a part-time opportunity. Completely ignoring your education and career prospects for short videos is not recommended.

Low income – Short videos are relatively easier to make in comparison to long-form video formats. However, income from short videos is quite low. Getting into short videos with the aim to become rich may not work out as planned.

Negative health impact on children – From the viewers’ perspective, watching too many short videos has a significant adverse impact on children. The endless scrolling is hugely addictive and puts significant strain on the eyes. Even more worrying is the possibility that short videos can cripple your kid’s creativity, cognitive abilities and attention span. Enforcing screen time is very important in case your kids are addicted to short videos.

Exposure to age-inappropriate content – While watching short videos, your child may be exposed to various types of age-inappropriate content. For example, they can come across videos with nudity, violence or profanity. Such content can have a negative impact on the child’s behavior, attitude and emotional well-being. They might become afraid or display lack of confidence and self-esteem. In specific cases, kids can also become aggressive and abusive.

Limited learning opportunities – The majority of short videos are focused on pure entertainment. As such, most short videos do not have any educational value. If you spend several hours watching short videos, it will essentially be a complete waste of time. Content that triggers the mind to think and evolve is simply not available with most short videos.

Addictive nature can impact professional commitments – Once you are addicted to short videos, it is very difficult to give up. You start spending more and more time watching short videos, which can impact your professional commitments. Millions of innovative, interesting contents are available via short videos. For the viewers, it is nothing but another form of addiction.

Impact on relationships – People spending too much time on short videos can witness a deterioration in their relationships. Regular communications and interactions are vital for a healthy relationship. Such factors can be adversely impacted when people start spending too much time watching short videos.

Various health issues – Spending too much time watching content on mobile devices has been linked to various health issues. It includes eye strain, headaches, poor sleep, neck pain, back pain, mood disorders, etc. Short videos also lead to lack of physical activity, which is another reason for various health issues.

As short videos are here to stay, one cannot wish them away completely. Instead, it is recommended to utilize a balanced approach. Set a time limit and enforce it strictly for yourself and your kids as well. Also, make a habit of reading informative, useful content that can improve your learning and knowledge. Reading educational, insightful, interesting content will always be a better option in comparison to low-value short videos.

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