What are some of the most embarrassing moments in the Oscars?

The Academy Awards will come and go every year, leaving behind some of the bitter losers and triumphant winners. However, what remains in our hearts forever are the awkward moments those somehow have managed to bring smiles on our faces. There have also been many incidents where the celebrities have utterly humiliated themselves or have broken things and got stuff messed up.

Here we have listed the top embarrassing moments that have ever occurred in the Oscars.

1-The incident of 1994 when Tom Hanks accidentally got his teacher out of the closet:

In 1994 Tom Hanks was giving his acceptance speech after he had received the best actor award for playing the role of a gay lawyer of Philadelphia. Although the moment began with a lovely note when Tom thanked his drama teacher from high school, saying that he is one of the finest gay Americans, the latter part turned into an awkward situation. This is because Rawley Farnsworth (Tom Hanks’ high school drama teacher) had never come out in public as gay. Therefore, it was kind of a shock for the 69-year-old’s friends and family.

2-The 1998 Breakdown of Gwyneth Paltrow:

A career full of some of the most successful movies, a pop star husband and a few kids with strange names hasn’t been able to erase this moment from Gwyneth’s mind. Also, the situation got so intense that most of us today remember and associate her with that. Gwyneth while receiving the Best Actresses award for “Shakespeare in Love” got a tad emotional and sobbed on stage while thanking her family for the magnitude of their love and support for her.

3-The Swan Dress of Bjork in the year 2001:

From one wardrobe malfunction to another, the Icelandic singer, Bjork has never been a stranger to pulling off wacky outfits. Therefore, she must be aware of the reaction to her swan dress that was paired up with baggy tights. It has been embarked in history as one of the most embarrassing moments in Oscars. However, the onlookers were particularly embarrassed by the outfit, while Bjork was found quite contented and skipping about, leaving behind eggs on the red carpet.

4-The Sheer look of Cher in 1988:

When we are discussing exciting looks that Oscars has witnessed, the Sheer look by Cher is considered to be one of the classics. There cannot be any particular word or phrase that can efficiently describe the situation. If we try to explain the situation is a very polite manner the terms “different”, “edgy”, “daring”, and “sheer” could be used for the train-wreck that Cher pulled off. Although she bagged the best actress’s award for Moonstruck, she earned a sordid place in the Oscars’ Fashion Hall of Shame.

5-Awkward Hosting by David Letterman in 1995:

Initially, it seemed like a good idea to as “The Late Show” host –David Letterman to host for the Oscars of 1995. He was a renowned face and could do well with handling a high-profile live presentation. However, no one could guess about the match in style for the award show. The dry and sardonic humors made by Letterman fell flat with the audience and didn’t even manage to raise a giggle.

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