What are the top 10 horror movies of all time?

Since the dawn of film, the horror genre in movies has been giving gooseflesh to the audiences with haunted house capers and possessed creatures. There are some people who are crazily obsessed with horror movies and are in constant search for new scary and deadly movies. If you are one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Go through the top 10 scariest and creepiest movies of all times. And we bet, you can’t watch these movies with lights off.

  1. Freaks

Tod Browning, the director, is renowned for horror movies. And one among his best works is the movies, Freaks. The movie shows how a group of people vow vengeance on the beautiful trapeze artist who is married to one of them for money. It was quite controversial due to the casting of actual freaks. Even after numerous cuts of scenes in the film on the demand of MGM, the movie was banned in the UK, until 1963. You can measure the level of horror in the movie by referring to a woman who went through miscarriage due to the film.

  1. The Shining

The movie is considered to be on top of the veritable pile of screams, it will make you feel evil. From Kubrick’s implacable direction to Jack Nicholson’s lunatic performance as a descending man to a murderous insanity, the movie will haunt you even after the screen of your TV has gone dark. Watching this movie will make you feel like it’s been driven by a maniac. Pile of chopped of girls, lifts of blood and terror in the room of 237 makes the movie a dangerous beast.

  1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There are movie that are scary, and then there are movies which will make your eye balls pop out of your eyes. There is this scene including a hook which will make you check if your body is still there. It is considered to be Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece with a eye-catching and unforgettable title. Basically it’s about a group of friends heading to Texas who ended up in a slaughterhouse. The sound of screams with pure terror makes it challenging to cope up with the movie.

  1. The Exorcist

The Exorcist grabs the position in the list of top 5 horror movies of all times with unpredictable scenes directed by William Friedkin. Just like the Shining, Exorcist is unsafe, visceral and primeval. This is the tale of a little girl playing with an Ouija board in the basement which leads to the arrival of an unwanted guest. Though it has a very generic theme, what makes this movie so popular is the depiction of anxiety inducing scenes. You’ll never get enough of this movie. Probably, you’ll feel like watching it again and again just to feel the terror the director has inflicted with his actors through this movie.

  1. The Ring

Scary is not the perfect word that could be used to describe this movie. The movie is demon possessed and eerie. You’ll feel the evil in your house after the movie is over. The images depicted in the movie will tug at your subconscious. One among the audiences has described this movie to be the creepiest, scariest and the most intense horror movie ever. This is the tale of a series of mysterious death caused by a videotape which makes a newspaper reporter investigate deeply. And the rest is cinema history!

  1. The Descent

Back in the previous decade, if you would have asked anyone something that made them feel virtually claustrophobic, they would have answered it is “The Descent.” The movie starts with the tragic death of a girl’s family and her friends taking her for a caving trip to make her feel better. And what happens in the trip is horribly nightmarish. Directed by Neil Marshall, the cave system in the movies is stone horror. With every step of the group into the abyss, your heart rate will also increase.

  1. Rec

The set-up in the movie includes a crew of morning TV show who got a call informing about a woman behaving strangely in her apartment. The reporter along with her cameraman excitedly followed the workers into the apartment, or we can say hell. Until a little too late, you won’t realize how tense you are. Since the footage package is painfully believable and realistic and is termed as a claustrophobic nightmare. A part of your brain will struggle to keep up with the scenes on screen.

  1. The Witch

Robert Eggers’ terrifying drama, The Witch, is more like a fairy tale from hell. The movie depicts the story of a family who were rejected from their colony. They ran into the dark woods to survive on a farm. Additionally, they face the horrific prospect by an outside force. The beginning is very smooth and then suddenly everything becomes scary. The perfectly shot scenes of attempt of the family to survive are full of horror. The movie carries a unique horror lurking in it which just does not leave.

  1. Suspiria

Directed by, Dario Argento, the 1977 chiller first opened in the UK after going through several cuts to reduce its extremities. The movie is about a dance student Patricia who mysteriously goes missing. The choreographer suggested that she had left due to her own political agenda and beliefs. The film features a number of horrific and absolutely grotesque scenes that’s done to the human body. This movie doesn’t intend to inspire but to make people tremble with fear.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven, the director made sure to make you shiver in your chair after you’ve finished watching the movie. The true horrible kicker here is the idea of falling asleep and never waking up. It depicts the desperation of Nancy and her friends to stay awake so that they can stay alive. And if they fall asleep, there lurks a maniac in the dream with a razor in his hand to plunge it right through the heart to end their life. No amount of loud music or caffeine can save them now.

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