What Is an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)?

For a long time, ATVs have been seen as cool vehicles owned by enthusiasts that you sometimes come across but rarely know anyone who drives them. Another misconception that pops up in people’s minds when they think about them is that they are probably pricey. However, nowadays, it’s possible to get an ATV at an affordable price from a salvage ATV auction and what’s more, their capabilities are far superior to four-wheel drive vehicles, as they are ideal for uneven surfaces, steep trails, or rocky terrain. Read on as we talk about these versatile machines and why you should get one. 

Are All ATVs Equal?

There are different definitions for ATVs; for instance, there is an Oregon law that terms it as a vehicle with a motor and 2 to 8 wheels that are perfect for unpaved surfaces. They include ATVs (side-by-sides) and off-road motorcycles, although they do not include snowmobiles. 

In general, ATVs can be categorized into four classes:

  • Class I ATVs – They are also referred to as three-wheelers and quads. They can have a dry weight of up to 1,200 pounds and a maximum width of 50 inches. This vehicle is steered by a handlebar, and with three or more tires, the operator sits on a seat.
  • Class II ATVs – These vehicles are known as four-by-fours, such as sand rails, dune buggies, SUVs, jeeps, and trucks. They weigh more and are much wider than Class I ATVs.
  • Class III ATVs – These are off-road motorcycles that have two tires. 
  • Class IV ATVs – The maximum dry weight in this category is 1,800 pounds, and there are more than 4 inflatable tires. Steering here is done with steering wheels, and the seats are of the non-straddle type. Class IV has a maximum width of 65 inches.

Why Should You Own an ATV?

There are so many reasons to invest in this kind of vehicle, and if you are still uncertain about it, here are a few points to convince you. 

  • They Are Perfect for All Terrains

This is the clearest advantage of using this type of vehicle, and as mentioned earlier, it goes where other 4×4 vehicles can’t go. This is why it is a popular vehicle for hunting enthusiasts since you no longer have to move on foot to your favorite hunting ground. 

Another added benefit is that you can also take it on the asphalt. However, on this point, it’s important to note that ATVs are not allowed on all roads, so you should check the rules in your state before driving them on highways. In case this is not allowed, you can tow it behind another vehicle until you get to your off-road zone.

  • Fairly Simple Maintenance

Whenever you invest in a vehicle, the first concern is usually how much it will cost you to maintain it and how often you will have to do maintenance. If you decide to invest in an ATV, you won’t have to worry much, as maintenance is fairly simple. Most of the mechanical components are easy to deal with and can be a do-it-yourself kind of thing. You can also design and customize your ATV to your preferences. 

There are several other reasons to buy an ATV, from ease of operation to versatility. They are also popular in many fields, such as law enforcement and land management; you can also find them in sports competitions. This just goes to show how effective these machines are, not to mention their reliability.

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