What Is Saddest Thing In Life?

Life is a roller coaster and comes with its share of happiness and sorrows. Over a lifetime, things usually get balanced out in most cases. While there are plenty of reasons to be happy and joyful every day, there are moments that can make us feel sad. Sometimes, it makes us wonder what could be the saddest thing one can experience. To understand that, here is a look at some of the saddest things in life of a human being.

Losing your job – The thing about getting institutionalized is quite true. For most people, being in a job means getting dependent on it. It includes financial dependance, as well as dependance in terms of skills and expertise that you have. When removed from the job, it comes as a shock to most people. Primary fear is of course financial, especially in case of people with families or those who have loans, mortgages, etc. Losing a job also leads to fears of not being able to get another job. The weeks and months after losing your job can be pretty sad and painful.

Diagnosed with serious disease – When we are healthy, there are hardly any thoughts about disease and death. But things change dramatically when we are diagnosed with a serious disease. One starts imagining all the pain and suffering that the disease will cause. It also forces an individual to start thinking about parting ways with this world and their loved ones. Such emotions can be deeply saddening.

Children moving away – The more the merrier really works in a family. So, when children move away for education, job or starting their own family, it is quite saddening for parents. The deep connect established over several years is lost suddenly. Parents also realize that things will never be the same again when their children move away to build their own nests.

Unrequited love – When you do not get the love you are seeking, it can be one of the saddest things in life. It dents your confidence, self-esteem and all other positive thoughts you had about yourself. Your belief in love also starts to diminish. There may come a point where you become indifferent and insensitive to this world and its people. Negative emotions related to unrequited love may take years to go away completely.

Having no kids – Not having kids can be deeply saddening. It is not something that is openly expressed and society may avoid discussing the topic, as it may hurt someone’s feelings. The situation is worse when an individual is found to be medically unfit for getting pregnant. Surrogacy and adoption are options that people can try in such situations.

Death of a parent – The strongest bonds we have are with our parents. It usually goes beyond the realm of scientific tools and analysis. The death of a parent can be one of the saddest moments in life. Years of love, care and affection is gone in an instant and the void created can never be filled.

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