What to do when BP is low?

Detecting low blood pressure issues can be pretty challenging as it doesn’t show any symptoms or the signs are rather very mild, which rarely demands any form of treatment. However, if you develop any symptoms of low blood pressure, the doctor usually looks back upon its underlying cause. In most of the cases, the ultimate agenda for treating low blood pressure is to increase the level of blood pressure with specific remedies in order to get rid of the signs. Here we have listed a few ways that you can use for increasing the level of pressure of your blood.

1-Make use of more salt in your food: Experts generally suggest limiting the level of intake of sodium in the form of table salt as it can dramatically increase the blood pressure level in your body. This is what is precisely needed for people with low blood pressure issues. You can consume more salt than usual in order to bring your BP into a precise balance.

Note: Excessive sodium intake can result in the failure of the heart. Thus, before increasing the level of salt intake, make sure to first check with your doctor, and your blood pressure tested.

2-Drink plenty of water: Fluids are known to increase the volume of the blood, which also prevents dehydration. These two objectives are clearly needed for patients with low blood pressure levels. Therefore, to treat hypotension, you must drink plenty of water.

3-Rely upon some medications: There are several medications available in the market that can be used for treating the low blood pressure issues, which generally occurs when you immediately stand up from a seated position. This kind of low blood pressure issue is referred to as orthostatic hypotension. Fludrocortisone is a drug that can be used to increase the blood volume and ultimately cure blood pressure issues.

However, if you consult a doctor, they often recommend using midodrine (Orvaten) drug in order to increase the blood pressure levels in your body. The people with chronic orthostatic hypotension should rely upon this drug. The medicine aids by restricting the blood vessel’s ability in your body to expand, and thus resulting in increased blood pressure levels.

4-Compression stockings can help as well: This might seem like a shocker, but the socks that are generally used in curing the varicose vein issues can be used for getting relief from low blood pressure-related problems. They are typically used to reduce the swelling and pain caused due to varicose vein; however, they can also reduce the pooling of the blood in the legs, hence, dealing with the issue.

5-Consume less alcohol: Alcohol generally results in dehydration and in lowering the blood pressure levels. So if you are patient of low blood pressure issues, you must keep away from alcohol intake. This doesn’t help even you try and consume in a moderate amount. However, to combat any problems related to dehydration levels, instead of relying upon alcohol have drinks with higher water content.


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