What to Wear to Horse Races: Fashion Guide

by Todd Dewey

If you’re trying to figure out what clothes to wear when you go to watch horse races, this guide can help you decide what’s a good idea and what’s not so great. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the Epsom Derby or a race at Cheltenham, we’ve got you covered!

Last year, the people who organize horse races said that you don’t have to wear fancy clothes anymore when you go to the races. But lots of people still like to dress up fancy when they go, especially for the big races. Even though it’s not a rule anymore, most people still like to dress nicely when they go watch the horses. You don’t always have to dress like you’re going to a super fancy party, but there are some things you should think about when you pick out your outfit for the races. Plus, many folks enjoy placing bets on the races on 1xBet, adding to the excitement of the sport.

What to wear to the races: the considerations

Weather: Since a lot of the fun stuff at a horse race happens outside, like checking out the horses or placing bets, it’s really important to wear clothes that match the weather. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold!

Time of Year: Horse races can happen all year round, but the main racing seasons are different. The Flat season, where the races are on flat ground, usually starts in May and ends in October. The National Hunt season, which includes races with hurdles and fences, runs from October to April.

Enclosure: Different parts of the racecourse might have different rules about what you can wear. Generally, the fancier areas have stricter dress codes. It’s a good idea to check the racecourse’s website to see what’s allowed.

Time of Day: Most races happen during the day, but some places have races in the evening too. If you’re going to an evening race, it might get chilly, so bring a jacket or something to keep you warm.

Remember, dressing right can make your day at the races even more fun!

What men should wear to the races

Men’s Dress Code: While it’s not always required, guys usually dress up nice at horse races. Wearing sneakers and shorts is usually a no-go, but it’s not always against the rules.

Flat Racing: At races on flat ground, guys often wear a fancy shirt with pants and nice shoes. Some might add a tie and jacket, but it’s not a must. It depends on how hot or cold it is.

Jumps Meetings: For races with jumps, guys usually dress warmly, especially since many of these races happen in winter. Some people like to wear tweed, but it’s really up to personal choice. If you’re a special guest at a big race like the Cheltenham Festival, wearing a suit is a good idea.

What ladies should wear to the races

Ladies’ Dress Code: At flat racing events in the summer, many women like to dress up fancy, but it’s not always a rule. Some big events like Royal Ascot really highlight fashion, and there are even competitions for the best-dressed ladies.

Winter Wear: In the colder months, it’s important for ladies to dress warmly, especially since the ground might be wet. It’s not a great idea to wear heels in these conditions.

What to wear if you want to go casual

Casual Dress: At some race meetings, you can totally go for a casual look, especially on weekdays. Lots of people like to dress smart but not too fancy.

Men’s Casual Wear: Guys often wear nice jeans or chinos, and at many places, you can even wear clean, stylish sneakers.

Women’s Casual Wear: For ladies, smart pants or jeans are a hit, paired with sweaters or nice tops, depending on the weather. Casual dresses are also a good choice.

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