What’s New In iPhone 14?

One of the most awaited phones launches, iPhone 14 is expected to debut later this year in September-October period. iPhone 14 is expected to get some major updates across aspects like design, features and security. If you are currently thinking about iPhone 13, you might consider waiting for a few months and go for iPhone 14. To help you make informed decisions, let’s take a look at what’s new in iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 variants – As revealed in leaked images, iPhone 14 will have four models – standard, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple will be finally discontinuing the mini option, as it has not been a success in either iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. While standard and Pro variants will have 6.1-inch screens, Max and Pro Max variants will have larger 6.7-inch screens.

Design – It is possible that iPhone 14 could get the side casing in titanium to make it stronger than earlier models. Another key update could be the discontinuation of display notch. There could be changes to camera bezels as well.

Screen – It is expected that top-spec variants of iPhone 14 screen will have refresh rate of 120 Hz. Standard variant may continue with 60 Hz refresh rate or upgrade to 90 Hz. The screens are likely to be sourced from LG. The screen used will be an LTPS unit.

Touch ID – iPhone 14 could get Touch ID, embedded below the screen. This feature is already offered with several of the high-end Android phones.

Camera – iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to get 48 MP primary camera. Standard model is likely to continue with 12 MP camera. Earlier, there were reports that iPhone 14 could get a periscope-style zoom camera. However, this is likely to be available with iPhone 15 in 2023.

USB C – There have been multiple reports that iPhone 14 Pro models will be switching from Lightening port to USB-C ports. This may also be linked to EU’s decision to make USB-C a standard for portable devices.

5G connectivity – iPhone 14 could get Apple manufactured 5G modem, which will have improved performance and lower impact on battery life. The chip will also be smaller in size. iPhone 14 will support most of the 5G bands.

iPhone 14 processor – It is likely that iPhone 14 will get the A-series chip designed by Apple. It is expected to boost graphics performance. It will be a 4nm chip manufactured by TSMC.

iPhone 14 price – Price of standard iPhone 14 is expected to be $799 whereas iPhone 14 Max will cost $899. iPhone 14 Pro variant could be priced at $1,099 while iPhone 14 Pro Max will retail at $1,199.

While leaks and rumors about upcoming iPhones have often come true, it remains to be seen what fans will really get later this year. Another thing to keep in mind is that iPhone 14 launch may actually be delayed slightly due to prevailing Covid-19 situation and Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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