When To Consider Alternatives To Google Ads?

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network across the globe, being used by millions of websites. There are many great things about Google Ads such as its reliability, lightweight module and providing content creators a fair share of the overall revenues generated through clicks.

However, there can be situations when you may not be able to use Google Ads to monetize your website or blog. Google has strict requirements and rules for participating in its ad network, which may prevent you from using Google Ads on your website. For better clarity, here’s a look at situations when you may need to consider alternatives to Google AdSense.

Not eligible for Google Ads – Your website or blog needs to achieve a predetermined metrics to be able to monetize it via Google Ads. This is often the case with new blogs that are just starting their journey. If your website does not meet the eligibility requirements of Google ad network, it is apparent that you will have to consider alternatives to Google Ads.

AdSense account disabled – Due to Google’s strict terms and conditions, website owners may witness their AdSense account being disabled. This can happen due to various reasons including the type of content, accidently clicking on your own ads, etc. If you have not properly read Google Ads policies and guidelines, there’s a good chance that some of your actions may lead to your AdSense account being disabled. In such situations, you can consider alternatives to Google Ads.

Revenue share – Google Ads provide a fair share of the revenues generated to website owners. You will be getting 68% of the overall revenues generated through views, clicks and any purchases made via those clicks. While this is quite competitive, there are ad networks that may offer a higher percentage in revenue. If you are looking to maximize profits, you may consider ad networks that provide a higher share in ad revenues.

Customization – Ads on your website can be a distraction if they are out of sync with the overall theme of your website. There are ad networks that offer high level of customization of the ads being displayed. If you want to prioritize the look and feel of your website, you can go with ad networks that offer more customization flexibility in comparison to Google Ads.

Minimum withdrawal amount – Most ad networks require you to earn a specific amount before you can withdraw it. In case of Google Ads, the minimum payout is $100. This can be a problem for smaller websites, as it will take a long time to accumulate $100. If your website is currently slow in generating revenues, you may want to consider ad networks with lower minimum payout.

Last but not least, you can consider alternative ad networks just to boost your revenues. You can continue to use both Google AdSense and other ad network on your website. However, you will need to be careful, so as not to violate any of the terms and conditions of either ad networks.

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