Which Are The Most In-Demand Programming Languages?

While most programming languages have their relevance in specific domains, there are the ones that are more widely used than others. As human activity is increasingly shifting to online realm, programming languages that cater to this space are more in demand. While you can choose to learn any programming language of your choice, earning potential will be more abundant if you go for most in-demand programming languages. To better understand your choices, here’s a look at some of the most in-demand programming languages.

C# – Also called C Sharp, C# is an object-oriented programing language. It is mainly used for mobile / web / desktop apps, game development and virtual Reality (VR) platforms. C# was launched by Microsoft in 2002 and since then it has remained a popular choice for programmers.

Java – An object-oriented programming language, Java is used largely for app development, e-commerce and finance. Java is popular owing to its advanced security features and ability to churn massive amounts of data. That’s why there’s huge demand for Java professionals in sectors like finance, billing, banking and stock markets. Java is also quite versatile, in that the same set of codes can be used on different operating systems.

HTML – A markup language, HTML is used largely for website development, website maintenance and web documents. HTML is one of the easiest languages one can learn. It mostly deals with the appearance and formatting of text and other elements on a webpage. It may not have advanced functionalities like other languages, but its strength is in its basics.

CSS – This is usually used in combination with HTML. With the help of CSS, the webpages could be made more pronounced and attractive. CSS also reduces effort needed for coding, as a particular style can be applied for all pages of the website. In case of changes too, only the CSS needs to be edited and not the entire website.

Python – This programming language is used primarily for data science, backend development and app development. The importance of Python is evident in the fact that several of the popular online tools and platform were created using this programming language. Some examples include Google Search and YouTube. Python is easy to learn and quite relevant for both beginners as well as experienced programmers.

JavaScript – Be it mobile apps, web development, game development or building web servers, JavaScript is the first choice for programmers. JavaScript can help create interactive web pages that utilize a mix of clickable buttons, animated graphics and interactive maps. Globally, JavaScript is currently the most widely used coding language. And there’s unlikely to be any dent in demand for this language. From the learner’s perspective, JavaScript is fairly easy to comprehend. Plus, there are innumerable resources available online that can help you learn JavaScript faster.

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