Which Country Has Cheapest Internet?

Internet has transformed our lives like never before and it continues to grow in scale and importance. Most people are so attached to this connected world that even a few minutes of internet disruption leads to worries and anxieties. In the future, most of our devices, appliances and machines will be communicating to each other via internet, simplifying life and reducing our everyday chores.

However, this will be possible only if internet prices remain stable across the globe. As of now, there are significant disparities in terms of internet pricing. Want to know if you are paying higher or lower than other countries? Well, here’s a quick look at countries with cheapest mobile internet.

Ukraine – Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the second largest country in the continent. For 1GB of mobile data, the average cost works around at USD 0.46. The cheapest 1GB plan is available for USD 0.25 whereas the costliest is for USD 1.48.

Italy – In Italy, price of 1GB mobile data varies between USD 0.09 to USD 7.58. Average of around 42 internet plans works out at USD 0.43. There are at least a dozen internet service providers in Italy that offer the cheapest mobile internet in the world. 4G is currently the most widely used internet in Italy. The country is in the process of rolling out 5G on a massive scale.

Kyrgyzstan – A landlocked country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan was earlier part of USSR. Although the country faces numerous challenges on economic and political fronts, its mobile internet is quite cheap. For 1GB data, users pay anywhere between USD 0.10 to USD 0.58. Average cost of 1GB data in Kyrgyzstan works out at USD 0.21. The country has opened its telecom sector for foreign investments, something that has helped reduce internet cost.

Israel – If you are in Israel, you will be paying anywhere between USD 0.06 to USD 0.38 for 1GB of mobile data. The average works out at USD 0.11. Israel is ranked among the countries that have highest smartphone penetration. The widest network currently in use in Israel is 4G LTE.

India – With a booming young population having high technological awareness, the telecom sector is growing at a fast pace in India. Users pay anywhere between USD 0.02 to USD 2.75 for 1GB of mobile data. Average works out at USD 0.09, making it the cheapest mobile internet in the world.

Telecom equipment is usually very costly and requires consistent maintenance. If you have cheap internet, it’s possible that you may be getting it at subsidized rates. The subsidy is part of business strategy and not something that is announced formally by the internet service provider. The internet company may compensate its loss through other sources of revenue such as affiliate marketing, advertising, OTT platforms, or selling data.

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