Which Country Has Highest Suicide Rate?

Suicide is a global phenomenon and is not limited to any particular community, country, or socio-economic status. There are various reasons why people commit suicide, some of which are financial distress, loss of a loved one, breakup, terminal illness, conviction in a crime, bullying, discrimination, etc. Mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, substance use disorders, psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also prompt people to commit suicide. To better understand global suicide trends, here’s a look at some countries with highest suicide rates.

Suriname – Located in South America, Suriname has suicide rate of 23.2 per hundred thousand people. Male suicide rate (36.1) is more than three times that of females (10.9). Key factors that have resulted in high suicide rate in Suriname include alcohol abuse, poverty, poor economic conditions, and domestic violence.

Lithuania – Located in Europe, Lithuania has suicide rate of 25.7 per hundred thousand people. Male suicide rate of 47.5 is quite high as compared to just 6.7 among women population. According to research studies, social and financial problems are the primary reasons for suicides in Lithuania.

Russia – At 26.5 per hundred thousand people, suicide has emerged as a major social issue in Russia. The country has the highest male suicide rate in the world at 48.3 per hundred thousand people. Female suicide rate in Russia is relatively fewer at 7.5. One of the reasons of suicide in Russia is heavy alcohol use. Close to half the number of suicides in Russia has been linked to alcohol abuse.

Lesotho – Located in Africa, Lesotho has suicide rate of 28.9 per hundred thousand people. A peculiar thing about Lesotho is that female suicide rate is higher in the country, as compared to male suicide rate. Globally, the suicide rate is usually higher among the male population. At 32.6, Lesotho has the highest female suicide rate in the world.

Guyana – Located in South America, Guyana has the highest per capital suicide rate in the world. Combined suicide rate of male and female is 30.2 per hundred thousand people. As per a survey conducted by World Bank, uncertainties with the political process in the country have led to disillusionment among the masses. Poor governance and poverty are also among the leading causes of suicides in Guyana. Another factor is massive spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.

It’s often difficult to ascertain if someone is planning to commit suicide. However, you can still be watchful and look out for signs such as extreme anxiety or agitation, constant talks about death and violence, feelings of being trapped, feeling worthless and hopeless, giving up on social activities, frequent mood changes, etc. If you suspect a possible suicidal act, make sure you talk to the concerned person. Sometimes, just being there to listen to someone can help prevent suicides and save lives.

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