Which Is Best Social Platform For Internet Marketing – Twitter, FB, YouTube, LinkedIn, Insta ?

The social media space has been in a state of constant evolution since the beginning. It has witnessed the rise and fall of various platforms, as well as the addition of several new ones. With a wide assortment of available choices, people often put up the question as to which is the best social media platform for internet marketing. While opinions may vary, here’s our take on the subject based on recent trends in the social media space.

Twitter flooded with consumer complaints – Twitter is no doubt the fastest way to reach out to your target audience. But one major issue is that Twitter has also become the preferred way to post negative feedback and complaints. Such negative stories can result in adverse perceptions about the brand, especially among folks who have limited knowledge of social media ecosystem. Twitter trolls are another big headache for brands. Then there are allegations of fake accounts and bots, which Twitter hasn’t been able to address in a proper manner.

It’s free and always will be, says Facebook – Well, true alright, if you are using Facebook just for sharing the stories of your life with your friends and family. However, if you are a business looking to give a grand start to your new product launch, then you may have to shell out a great deal of money, just as is the case with other paid platforms. Likes and shares are up for sale and unless you have got something really viral, be sure that your story will never leave the confines of your organization. So, get a great story that can potentially go viral or just pay up and buy the likes and shares you want.

LinkedIn continues to grow – Anything that may lead to a greater monetary reward is bound to keep growing and the same is the case with LinkedIn. With more and more businesses stepping up focus on using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, people are being seen sprucing up their profiles, adding content, and sharing stuff that generates interest among peer groups. From a corporate perspective too, LinkedIn offers a great way to showcase your areas of expertise and improve your brand equity, which works great for targeting both business prospects as well as potential employees.

Can’t avoid YouTube – It’s there and will probably continue to do so because it’s more of a revolutionary thing, rather than just being another social media platform. Have a great story to tell? Well, you can get thousands of hits in just a few hours. If the story is good enough, who knows, you may even get a couple of million hits in a week. YouTube provides a level playing field, which implies that everyone from large corporate houses to self-employed people can use it for the maximum impact. It’s not limited by geographical constraints and your video is likely to be gobbled up by a global audience, given that you have a great story to tell.

Instagram is fun – It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram seems to have captured this notion in a powerful way. More businesses are starting to realize the potential of Instagram, even as it continues to make waves among people who use it for personal purposes. Mobility is the key factor here and with people wanting to share their stories on the go, Instagram offers a great way to connect, share and be updated.

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