Which Is World’s Longest Movie?

Most movies we see are usually 90 to 180 minutes long. If we take an average, it would be close to around two hours. And that’s understandable because anything longer could stress us out physically and mentally. Longer movies could also bore us, as human attention levels are not infinite. It’s the reason why most movie makers like to keep their films crisp and short.

However, there are always exceptions to the norm. In the world of entertainment, there have been several movies that are way longer than the usual 2-3 hours. To fix your curiosity, here’s a quick look at some of the longest movies in the world.

Evolution of a Filipino Family – This film was released in 2004. It is written and directed by Lav Diaz. The film attempts to capture the trials and tribulations of a poor farming clan in Philippines. The movie essentially tries to showcase the conditions that existed in the country during the period 1971 to 1987. The movie runs for a total of 9 hours 53 minutes.

Out 1 – This French movie was released in 1971. It was directed by Jacques Rivette. The movie weaves stories of multiple characters and shows how they are interconnected. Throughout the movie, new characters and subplots are introduced regularly. This is done to ensure that people don’t get bored. The movie runs for 12 hours 55 minutes.

La Flor (The Flower) – Released in 2018, La Flor is an Argentine film that premiered at Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema. The movie was produced via collaboration between El Pampero Cine production company and Piel de Lava acting company. The movie is like a book with different chapters. It runs for a total of 13 hours 23 minutes.

Resan (The Journey) – This documentary film was released in 1987. It was shot during the period from 1983 to 1985 and covered several continents. The movie tries to capture the divide in the society where there’s poverty on one side and billions of dollars of military expenditure on the other side. The movie aims to get information from ordinary people if they are aware of such issues. The movie runs for a total of 14 hours 33 minutes. The movie has been screened at various film festivals.

Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo – This is a Bangladeshi movie released in 2019. It is made in Bengali language. As the story dates back to five decades to the time of Bangladesh Liberation War, the movie has been released in black and white. The movie tries to capture all the various aspects of Bangladesh freedom struggle. Things like life of people, their love and aspirations, social and political events, deceptive turns and twists are among the key things that have been expressed in the movie. The entire movie took around nine years to complete. It runs for a total of 21 hours.

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