White label: the solution to all your problems — a breakdown from Slotegrator

Building a casino from scratch takes a supply of time, money, and know-how that very few entrepreneurs have on tap. In contrast, products like Slotegrator’s White Label Casino provide a complete business, technical, and legal solution. Slotegrator breaks down why its white label product is the go-to option for online casino operators.

A white label product is produced by one company and rebranded and sold by other companies as their own. White label solutions are common in many industries as a way to save time and simplify business development and operation.

Once operators purchase a white label online casino solution, they have a ready-to-go business — a fully developed gambling platform with a customized website tailored to the operator’s online casino brand. But in addition to the software, it’s also a business solution that includes a gambling license and player support, as well as financial structure and banking and merchant accounts.

Here we’ll shine some light on why white label solutions are so popular by answering 3 key questions.

Question one: What does a white label online casino solution normally include?

A white label solution should include everything an online casino business needs. For instance, Slotegrator provides the following:

A gambling platform including Partnergrator and Moneygrator solutions.
Branded website.
Gaming content.
Legal infrastructure.
Legal and technical support.

In addition to the software and business structure, white label suppliers provide an operator with a sublicense under its own license.

Simply put, a white label casino is a complete technical and business solution for iGaming companies. Every single aspect of the online casino business is taken care of, giving business owners a finished product to work with.

Question two: Who should get a white label solution?

The white label concept is an ideal option for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to bring a new gambling project to the market in a short period of time.

Most often, a white label solution is the first choice of established online casino operators, ones who have already started and run a successful platform of their own. This level of experience gives them a deep understanding of how the industry works.

Then, when they identify a gap in a market, they can quickly develop a new project to fill that gap by cooperating with a white label provider — skipping all the hassle of developing a platform from the ground up.

Question three: What are the key advantages of white label solutions?

Business structure and legal operation. First and foremost, white label solutions ensure legal operation. This means that gambling business owners don’t have to prepare documents, go through checks, and wait for the application to be reviewed — they enjoy licensed operation under the business structure of the white label casino supplier. This also includes registration of a company and business structure organization.

Safe and secure payments. The white label supplier will integrate payment solutions depending on the chosen market of operation, including various fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as other in-demand local payment methods.
Technology and infrastructure. Without the help of a software provider, establishing a gambling business takes time and thorough research. First you have to develop a platform; then you fill it with games, negotiating a new deal with a different provider every time; then, you apply for certification and submit all the documents to the licensing body. You will also have to know exactly what products your players want and find companies that offer them. A white label solution simply takes all this off your plate.

Advanced gaming software. In order for your online casino to run smoothly, it is important to choose quality software, making sure it has all the features you need and that everything runs like clockwork. Slotegrator has years of experience as an iGaming software provider and knows exactly what features and options you will need in your future operation with a white label online casino solution.

Ataur Rosul Abeer, sales manager at Slotegrator, explains how cooperation with the company works: “Partnership with Slotegrator starts with a discussion of the agreement conditions, including the platform’s price, commission rates, monthly payouts, and other financial details. Sublicense, payment and game providers, platform features, and details are also addressed.

“The development process can take as little as three months to complete, at which point the project is ready for operation. Additionally, Slotegrator will incorporate the company, acquire a sublicense, design the website, fill it with games and payment solutions, integrate player support (if agreed upon in advance), and submit a ready-to-launch, branded online casino. Then the operator can get to work promoting the project.”

If you’d like to know the algorithm of opening a white label casino and to compare a white label casino solution and a standalone casino option, read a new article with experts recommendations at Slotegrator Academy by link.

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