Who is hosting the 2020 Oscars?

After the success ceremony of 2019, the sponsors of Oscars are thinking of introducing something new this year. The 2019 Oscars’ lead-up gave us all nothing but anxiety. The Academy, along with the team behind one of the most famous shows of the world, suffered from a lot of glitches. But, nothing matched with the tension of making the most decisive predicament to forge with about choosing a Host for the show, after Kevin Hart called it quits from the gig.
The show was carried out without a host and managed to work with astonishing panache, which invigorated the 91-year-old tradition. But, again, the question –Who is hosting the 2020 Oscars has come up! Read on the article to find out about the host of 2020 for the Oscars.

What do the producers have to say?
The 2020 show is being produced by Stephanie Allain and Lynette Howell Taylor, who is nominated in the event as well. Some information has been leaked from the insiders that the producers are still trying to come up with a middle ground. They could reportedly include the A-grade listers who can share the responsibility of co-hosting the Oscars.

Yet a solid decision has not yet been furnished.
What are the experts on the matters saying?
The experts are still mulling over the matters of selecting a host who can be as good as Kevin Hart if not better in hosting one of the most popular awards shows in the world. If we look at the traditional wisdom, if there had to be a host for the season, the announcements would have been made by now. Hart was declared as the host of 2019 Oscars by the year 2018 on 4th of December, which was again considered to be little late for the game. The 2020 host of Oscars is yet to be chosen, which leaves us in a state of bewilderment.

Who is hosting the Oscars?
After the debacle that took place in 2019 after Hart resigned from hosting the show, the producers this year have finally decided to get ahead with the show without a host. They have decided to stick with the idea until something seriously heads south.

Who is going to perform and present at the Oscars?
Without a host on the show, Oscars this year has to rely upon the performers and presenters for increasing the value of entertainment. The incredibly talented producers Stephanie Allain and Lynette Howell Taylor have managed to assemble an impressive lineup. Each original song nominee will be performing on the telecast. That will enable you to hear songs by –Randy Newman, Cynthia Erivo, Elton John, and Chrissy Metz the star of This Is Us.

The Frozen II song –Into the Unknown is going to be performed by Idina Menzel, and some other Elsa voices from across the world shall be performing in Oscars this year. As a matter of fact, Billie Eilish, who rocked the Grammys will take over the stage to do something, which has not yet been revealed.

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