Why Apps Update So Often?

You updated your apps just last week, and today, your mobile phone is again harassing you to update dozens of apps. So why do apps have to update so often, you wonder. Are they even necessary? Well, there are not one, but multiple reasons as to why mobile apps need frequent updates. Here are some of the primary reasons why your mobile apps keep updating regularly.

Bug fixes: App developers have to ensure that their apps work properly on hundreds of different types of mobile devices. Since they cannot test their apps on every device, they gather data from thousands of users. Accordingly, they release new updates to fix bugs that may have been detected. Bug fixes may relate to the app’s interactions with the hardware, firmware, OS, or other apps installed on the mobile device.

New features: Apps usually keep adding new features and functionalities to improve the apps and enhance user experience. The new features may be inspired by competitor apps, routine improvement initiatives by the app development team or a popular demand by a large number of app users.

System updates: The mobile’s operating system (OS) is also updated from time to time. Sometimes, it may be a minor improvement whereas at other times, it can be a complete switchover to an upgraded version of the OS. Since apps are dependent on the OS, they will need to be updated if system updates have been installed recently.

Security patches: Hackers have an insatiable appetite for detecting vulnerabilities in digital devices and the installed apps. Some hackers may even exploit these vulnerabilities to their advantage. This is why security patches are regularly provided for mobile devices. It is a way to preempt the nefarious designs of a hacker and protect users from potential financial loss or data theft. Security patches are provided for both the OS and the installed apps.

Performance improvement: Sometimes, an app may not be able to deliver the desired performance. It might have become slow or there may be issues with the UI or UX. App updates are provided to fix such issues, so that users can have the best possible experiences.

Frequently updating your mobile apps can be annoying, even when you may have chosen the automatic updates option. However, if we consider the above points, especially the security concerns, it does make sense to keep your phone and apps updated. If you want your apps to perform better, and protect your device and data from potential hacker attacks, it’s advisable that you keep your phone and apps updated.

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