Why cow milk is sacred and auspicious?

Cow milk is considered an integral part of traditional Indian beliefs. Cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd are widely used in various religious ceremonies and festivals such as Diwali. Some people say that these are just rituals, but if we dig deeper, we can see that milk offers several benefits, which is why it is considered sacred and auspicious.

  • Indian cow varieties remain to be 100% natural and have not been put through genetic modifications. This ensures that milk from homebred cows is pure and organic, making it a healthy option for kids, adults and the elderly.
  • New scientific evidence shows that even cow urine has several medicinal properties. This information was available to our ancestors and it has been documented in Ayurveda. As of now, there are several medicines available in the market, which are made from cow’s urine. A number of cleaning products made from cow’s urine are also available.
  • Cows are considered a gentle animal that does not harm anyone and does not have negative attributes. This is something that makes homebred Indian cows to be spiritually superior of other animals.
  • Cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd are nutrient-dense foods, which supply most of the essential nutrition including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • Cow milk has been found to be the best alternative to mother’s milk. The amount of proteins, fats and other nutrients in cow’s milk is quite similar to the nutritional profile of mother’s milk.
  • Cow milk and cow milk products can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases and ailments. They can also be used for effective skin and hair care, without stressing about side effects.

With the guarantee of purity and innumerable health benefits and lifestyle gains associated with cow milk, it explains why cow milk is considered sacred and auspicious.

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