Why Should Businesses Outsource Their Security Operations Center (SOC)

The journey towards digitalization and cloud solutions that enhance productivity gains, increase agility, and reduce operational costs has rapidly and continuously expanded security vulnerabilities for most businesses. Businesses must supervise their entire IT infrastructure to comply with security requirements in the current digital environment, and Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is the most efficient way to do so.

Why is SOCaaS Essential
As workplaces become more mobile and remote, cybercriminals are ramping up their attempts to access applications, systems, services, and data both on-premise and in the cloud from outside the company network.

Today, most businesses have made significant investments in on-premise and cloud security monitoring systems to secure sensitive data, comply with an increasing surface of data protection regulations, and defend intellectual property and other confidential data. However, this has catapulted in an overwhelming volume of security alerts. It is exceedingly difficult for the majority of these companies, particularly the small and medium-sized ones, to probe and evaluate every alert.

SOCaaS enables security analysts to make a coherent effort to cover all cyber security risks and centralized threat surveillance abilities. Another significant driver has been the scarcity of cyber security skills, affecting companies of all sizes.

SOCaaS enables you to take advantage of SOC resources without having to worry about employing qualified personnel. SOCaaS also allows for rapid capacity expansion at a much-reduced cost than establishing additional capacity in-house.

Why Outsource SOC

The Security Operations Center is a team consisting of cybersecurity experts and trained engineers, who are dedicated to performing advanced IT security operations. SOC services are aimed at preventing any threats to cybersecurity by early detection and response to any incident of hacking or data breach. It is a subset of cyber security that keeps a detailed real-time awareness of an organization’s assets in order to avoid threats and attacks. Organizations at times may not have the necessary workforce to be dedicatedly working on thwarting cyber attacks, or their current resources may not be enough or may have other areas to take care of, like IT support. To address this issue, Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) can be employed to uphold your company’s security. Outsourcing SOC can help an organization enable:

Reduced Expenditure: Outsourcing your cyber security monitoring to expert professionals means reducing the cost.

To begin with, acquiring an employee with the necessary cyber security skill sets is not simple and at times not feasible. Additionally, having an in-house security team would certainly require you to purchase all necessary security solutions, which may be at times, difficult to choose from, and increasing complications. A dedicated SOC partner will be equipped with all the necessary solutions and resources, and will be entirely responsible for the designated tasks, which is the security of your organization.

Ceaseless Support: Outsourcing a SOC implies uninterrupted support. An SOC partner will constantly monitor the company network systems round-the-clock, with real-time support, alerts and reporting, a viable way to ensure continuous support and service. They will also run checks for detecting anomalies in the network, mostly looking for preying malwares or breach attempts.

Facilitates greater efficiency due to global visibility: Outsourcing SOC has the greater edge of broadening the scope of security protocols. While an in-house team is constantly monitoring attacks launched against the parent organization, SOCaaS has direct exposure to a wealth of information from numerous customers around the globe. MSSPs gather and supervise threat intelligence from a wide range of sources, providing them with constant insight into major cyber-attacks and evolving cyber-crime methodologies. This data enables cyber security service providers to work more efficiently against cybercrime.

Enhances business productivity: Security is critical for every organization, requiring time and attention. When there is a security breach, management must divert their attention to the operations of the SOC. This disrupts the business environment in general and distracts employees’ attention away from their primary duties. With an SOC partner taking care of the affairs, both organizations and employees are completely focused on the core business processes without being distracted by security challenges.


Going in-house with security measures may not be an ideal tactic in today’s times, when bad actors are miles ahead in terms of technology and resources required to ambush any business today. Keeping that in view, the most appropriate strategy to rising cybersecurity concerns is to outsource an SOC. Go for a partner who is well updated with all security trends, threat detection and incident response tactics, and collaborated with all leading solution providers best available to ensure your cyber network is with the safest hands.

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