WION team spotted at Craft Village; Dialogue on Sustainable Fashion spark!

The WION team was spotted amidst the enchanting charm of the Craft Village, Delhi, signalling a deep dive into the world of Sustainable Fashion. Amidst whispers of artisans and eco-conscious innovations, anticipation builds for the unveiling of their discoveries.

Rahesha Sehgal’s Instagram stories, one of the distinguished news anchors at WION, also offered a sneak peek into the team’s endeavours on #FashionforGood. Additionally, there were also some more captivating images capturing the essence of the shoot location, providing glimpses of artisans immersed in their craft and the serene surroundings of the Craft Village.

With sustainability emerging as a pressing global concern, WION’s foray into this domain signals a commitment to fostering dialogue and awareness around responsible fashion practices. The unfolding narrative of WION’s exploration into Sustainable Fashion at the Craft Village will gradually reveal itself over time.

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