WION’s Senior Anchor Molly Gambhir steers conversations on global relations at Global Technology Summit 2023

In a recent high-level symposium delving into the realms of geopolitics, technology partnerships, and the dynamic shifts in global relations, Molly Gambhir, Senior News Anchor at WION, adeptly moderated the discussion at the Global Technology Summit 2023. Throughout the session, pivotal points emerged, highlighting the evolving dynamics of UK-India relations, particularly within the context of Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

Another key highlight revolved around the role of standard setting, with a specific emphasis on nations, notably India, becoming influential entities in establishing standards in technology and trade. Recognizing this proactive role as pivotal could alleviate security tensions and shape norms and standards that facilitate economic integration.

The panel discussion also resonated with optimism and shared learning experiences. Ambassadors exchanged positive anecdotes and conveyed optimism about the future, highlighting the dynamic essence of India, its cultural continuity, and the immense potential for growth through international collaborations as valuable learning experiences.

Additionally, the summit provided invaluable insights into the intricate interplay of geopolitics, technology, and global partnerships, underscoring the imperative for collaborative endeavors to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in an ever-evolving world.

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