Women led investment DAO ‘Dea DAO’ launches to support underrepresented founders through grants and mentorship

DEA is a Women Led DAO that aims to bring together empowered women with a goal to empower other women.

India, 18th July 2022- Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-Founder of UniFarm and OroPocket announced the launch of her women-led initiative, an Investment DAO named ‘Dea DAO’. Built with an objective to support and empower women entrepreneurs, the DAO will be solely driven by women entrepreneurs who seek to leave a mark on a global level. As a part of this initiative, underrepresented founders will be provided with grants and mentorship to scale up their Web 3.0 startups.

A completely decentralised platform, Dea DAO represents a women-led ecosystem for the women and by the women. The Not-for-Profit DAO that will allow members to pledge to mentor, educate under represented founder, in web3.

Commenting on the same, Tarusha Mittal, Founder Dea DAO said, “In the era of metaverse, DAOs are increasingly gaining momentum given its human-centric nature. It empowers the community as it allows individuals a shared vision to collectively vote for what it wants. With Dea DAO we want to focus on empowering women in Web 3 which has always been an area of high importance to me. We are building a community for the women by the women to support women that have been marginalized, overlooked or excluded via our grants and mentorship programme.”

She further added, “Dea DAO is going to be formed by women investors in the web3 space with a mission to help kickstart projects at their early stages through grants and mentorship by investor members of the DAO.”

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