Wonderfill India Unveils Innovative Anti-Stray Dog Bite Repellent Spray

Wonderfill India, a company dedicated to solving everyday problems faced by Indians, today announced the launch of a revolutionary Anti-Stray Dog Bite Repellent Spray. This patent-pending, non-hazardous, NABL Lab-tested product offers a safe and easy way to deter approaching or attacking stray dogs, promoting personal safety.

Millions of stray dogs roam India’s streets, posing a significant threat of dog bites and rabies transmission. Wonderfill’s Anti-Stray Dog Bite Repellent Spray addresses this concern by providing a humane and convenient solution.

“We understand the fear and anxiety many people experience encountering stray dogs,” said Rakesh, spokesperson for Wonderfill India. “Our innovative spray offers a simple yet effective way to deter these interactions, prioritising personal safety.” Key Features of the Anti-Stray Dog Bite Repellent Spray:

Non-hazardous: Safe for humans and the environment.

Effective: Deters stray dogs without causing aggression.

Easy to Use: Convenient for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and anyone venturing outdoors. Wonderfill India – Simplifying Everyday Life

Wonderfill India is a leading innovator dedicated to developing solutions for the common challenges faced by Indians. The company’s product portfolio addresses a variety of day-to-day needs, making life easier and more convenient.


The Anti-Stray Dog Bite Repellent Spray is readily available online at Flipkart, Amazon, Jio, and Wonderfill’s website – www.wonderfillindia.com

Prioritize Your Safety and Your Family’s Safety with Wonderfill

Wonderfill India encourages everyone to prioritize personal safety.  Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with the innovative Anti-Stray Dog Bite Repellent Spray.

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