World Designing Forum: Using Fashion To Transform The World

From the outside looking in, the fashion design field is synonymous with glitz and glamour. From the inside, though, it appears to be no different from any other industry: filled with big players, small players, academics, teachers, and aspiring professionals. Putting them all together as an organisation is a huge challenge. Amazingly, all of these fields have been able to come together and work together thanks to the World Design Forum (WDF).

Ankush Anami founded the World Designing Forum in 2017. The idea for this one-of-a-kind organisation in India’s fashion industry came from a need to provide a space where designers and educators could gather, make connections, exchange ideas, and be acknowledged for their work.

The prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology was Ankush Anami’s alma mater. Using the vast network of designers and instructors he had established over the years, Ankush hoped to bolster the sector and its workers. Thus, the WDF was born.

Ankush created a space for seasoned and aspiring designers to network, share ideas, and learn from one another by leveraging his managerial skills, creative abilities, and industry connections. Speaking at conferences and other events frequently, Ankush is a staunch supporter for design education. On top of that, he mentors a lot of young designers who are just starting out in the industry.

Not only does the World Design Forum (WDF) bring together professionals in the fashion industry and related fields, but it also promotes discussions that make people think deeply about issues like healthcare, social change, sustainability, global development, and the power of design to improve society. On top of that, the forum promotes a collaborative and inclusive approach to design.

Workshops hosted by the WDF exemplify this approach. These online classes are open to all designers, regardless of experience. Notable personalities from the fashion business, including designers, models, and lecturers, host the workshops. Certificates are given out following completion of these seminars, which also provide participants with a plethora of new information and a new perspective on their profession.

The forum’s main event, nevertheless, is the National Designing Awards. These awards bring the entire industry together by recognising the most remarkable creations, the most gifted designers, and the continuous efforts that lead to the growth of the business. Meeting other people who share your interests and exchanging ideas is a wonderful side benefit of attending the event.

Undoubtedly unique among fashion design institutions, the World Designing Forum is causing a revolution. The World Designing Forum is shaping the present and future of the industry with an eye towards improving the world via design, all the while honouring its historical roots.

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