The story of “Incredible India” added a new chapter in its list of achievements on December 11, 2014 when the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 as the International Yoga Day. This was anounced after PM Narendra Modi called for its adoption during his address to the UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014. This was indeed a great development, as an ancient Indian tradition was finally given an official recognition for its role in promoting health and harmony.

Newspatrolling has always espoused the the benfeits of yoga and strognly supported its global recofnition. It regularly hosts yoga sessions for its staff and channele partners and also sponsors various events that seek to spread awareness about this ancient system of wellbeing, which is absolutely free and does not require anything more than may be a yoga mat. On the eve of the Interneational Yoga Day 2015, Newspatrolling is conducting a 2 hour yoga session for its staff and other stakeholders as well as using its online channel to spread awareness about the merits of holistic wellbeing that can be achieved through the regular practise of Yoga.

The global recognition and spread of Yoga comes at a time when the world and its beings are facing phenomenal challenges scuh as poverty, disease, extreme violence and environmental degradation. One common reason to blame is the growing disconnect among individuals, as everyone seeks to define life’s purpose through the lens of monetary success and selfish pursuits. The inability to identify and respect each other’s needs has come across as the primary cause for the growing inequality among citizens and nations, which eventually has brought us to the edge of our potential destruction. it may be destiny that when the world is at the brink of a potential catastrophe, yoga will be there to provide the healing balm and save humanity.

Yoga has the seeds that can inspire us to experience the oneness with which we are born and supoosed to live. by enabling the unity of mind and body, Yoga prepares the ground for a life of harmony and fullfillment, something that can be sustained throughout our entire lives. It is a lot more than just a form of exercise, rather its a completel lifestyle shift where we move away from selfish goals towards more broader goals that are inline with global sustainability. Yoga was created around the concept of peace and harmoney, something that the world needs urgently and potentially in vast quantities, if we ever are going to overcome the critical challenges that we are currently facing.

Its hearetning to see that more and more people are embracing Yoga as a way of life. A number of national and internation celebrities have personally vouched for the immense benefits it offers for the mind, body and soul. The indian Goverment is also strongly supporting the cause of Yoga, and doing its bit to spread awareness among educational insitutions, halthcare organizations, various citizen groups, and governemtn bodies. Newspatrolling urges its readers to try yoga and experince the immense benefits it offers. It’s not about its Indian origins, its more about a way of life that seeks to promote peace & harmoney and the experience of being one with every other thing and being in the universe. Such an evolved conciousness would be something to aspire for on the International Yoga Day 2015.

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