Ysquar3’s Latest Track Is A Perfect Blend Of Techno & Indian Music

Ysquar3 is one musical prodigy who knows how to bring the best of both worlds via his music. His musical career has been marked by unique rhythms and beats and that’s why his fans all across the globe wait for his next big take on things.

Recently, the artist dropped another bop titled Lat Uljhi. It is inspired by the rich heritage of Raag Bihaag by Pandit Jasraj and this banger by Ysquar3 will put you in a musical trance. The techno beats empower the song and turn it into tempting fodder for techno lovers everywhere. It is an amalgamation of 2 years of hard work as it is an attempt to make a perfect blend of Indian music with techno.

Speaking about the same, Ysquar3 said, “I have always been inspired by the uniqueness of raags in India, we have such a rich culture, especially when it comes to music. While people think techno is just about beats, it is so much more than that. This is what I have attempted. I am hopeful that people will be able to feel the transition between the two genres and enjoy the music in all its glory. This track is very close to my heart as it was one of the dream projects I wanted to work on throughout my musical career.”

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