Zell Education Survey: Financial Analyst Emerges as Most Coveted Role, Shaping Career Aspirations

65.90% of college students haven’t pursued any finance-related courses, emphasizing the need for focused educational programs

February 2024: Zell Education, India’s leading finance and accounts Ed-tech platform, has conducted a comprehensive survey to understand the preferences, motivations, and challenges faced by individuals seeking careers in finance and accounting. The survey, encompassing college students, recent graduates, and working professionals, sheds light on key trends shaping the finance education landscape.

The survey reveals that 68.57% of respondents are driven by their inherent interest in the financial field, while 56.19% are motivated by the earning potential it offers. Additionally, 47.61% cite opportunities for advancements as a significant motivator, highlighting the diverse factors influencing career choices in finance.

Financial Analyst emerges as the most sought-after role, capturing the interest of 58.09% of respondents. Following closely are Accountant (49.52%) and Investment Bankers (38.09%), indicating a strong inclination towards analytical and financial management roles.

A notable insight from the survey is the significant portion of college students (65.90%) who have not pursued any finance-related courses or certifications. This underscores the existence of knowledge gaps and the need for targeted educational initiatives to bridge them.

Challenges in networking (46.66%), lack of relevant education or training (40.95%), and limited job opportunities (24.76%) are identified as the top hurdles faced by individuals pursuing careers in finance. Addressing these challenges is crucial for facilitating a smoother transition into the industry.

The survey highlights a preference for online courses and webinars among 42.85% of respondents, while 40.95% still favour in-person classes or workshops. This indicates the importance of offering a diverse range of educational resources to cater to varied learning preferences.

Mr. Pratham Barot, Co-Founder & CEO of Zell Education, “Our survey findings underscore the need for targeted education initiatives. It’s surprising to see that a significant percentage of students aren’t still aware of the finance courses and their impact indicating a strong knowledge gap. This is closely followed by 46.6% of students citing networking as a challenge while pursuing their career in Accounts or Finance. All such findings provide insights into why students are not actively pursuing finance knowledge thereby acting as a guidepost for education providers to ensure that programs are tailored to address specific barriers”

Based on the survey results, Zell Education proposes several actionable points for the industry such as develop programs for specific roles like Financial Analyst, addressing industry needs and knowledge gaps. Facilitate mentorship programs and industry events to overcome networking challenges for students and recent graduates. Acknowledge diverse learning preferences by offering both online and in-person resources for a well-rounded educational experience. Emphasize earning potential and offer practical solutions for common challenges like networking difficulties and limited job opportunities.

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