Zoopla – Company Profile

Zoopla is a UK-based real estate marketplace that enables users to buy and rent homes, flats and commercial properties. The company was launched in 2007 and is headquartered in London. Over the years, the entity has made several acquisitions and is now part of Zoopla Property Group (ZPG Limited). It is currently owned by Silver Lake Partners.

One of Zoopla’s key USPs is its use of advanced tech that allows users to find homes and properties that perfectly suit their specific needs. While the platform has more than a million properties listed in its database, users can select appropriate filters to find a perfect match for their needs. Zoopla’s mission is to help people find ‘homes’ and not just properties with walls and roof.

With a human touch to its platform, Zoopla has emerged as a popular choice for home buyers and tenants. The company also has special packages for homeowners, who are looking to sell or rent their property.  Users can search properties on the company’s website or use the Zoopla app for added convenience.


The idea for Zoopla came to the founders when they noticed that users often had to face problems while trying to access data about properties they are interested. Most other property websites in 2007 worked solely as an online search tool. Zoopla changed the rules of the game, as it focused on providing as much information about properties as may be available. This made it easier for users to understand what exactly they were investing in or renting.

Another thing that worked for the company was its quirky name ‘Zoopla’. At that time, most other property websites had generic names with words like ‘property, housing, etc. These were quite staid and weren’t able to establish an emotional connect with users. Zoopla was a catchy name and quickly got everyone’s attention even when the term is not related to the property market.


Zoopla has received investment worth $76.3 million. This came via post-IPO equity round that was executed in February 2017.


Zoopla has acquired a number of property and tech companies to strengthen its position in UK’s property marketplace. The acquisitions include Technicweb, Hometrack, Expert Agent, Ravensworth, Calcasa, Confused (website), LeLynx and Rastreator.


Zoopla competes with other real estate firms such as Rightmove, Cannon Kirk Limited, Currell and Propertini.

About the founders

Zoopla was originally founded by Alexander Chesterman and Simon Kain. Alexander Chesterman is a British internet entrepreneur. Apart from Zoopla, Alexander is also the co-founder of ScreenSelect and founder and CEO of Cazoo, an online used car platform.

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