10 Unique Amenities That Are Important Requirement fora Modern Apartment

Most residential projects have the usual list of amenities such as swimming pool, indoor & outdoor sports, children’s play area, jogging track, gymnasium, community hall, club house, in-house restaurants/shops, etc. Certainly, these amenities are a must-have, but the current generation wants a lot more to enhance their living experience. The usual list of amenities appears to lag behind, in terms of keeping up with changing trends and evolving needs and preferences of homebuyers. To better understand the current trends, let’s take a look at 10 unique amenities that are important requirement for a modern apartment.

Dog Park: Many apartment projects claim to be pet friendly, but not every project has dedicated spaces for pets such as dogs. If you have dogs, you need to look for apartment projects that have a dog park. Dogs can get edgy when confined inside closed walls, so open spaces are a must for them to play and run around. It would be even great if the apartment complex has a dedicated facility where dogs can be looked after. This would be handy when you may have to leave your apartment for longer durations.

Wi-Fi: High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the apartment complex would make things really easier. You won’t have to remain confined to your home to check your work emails or browse the internet. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can do all your online tasks at any place in the complex. You could be in the park checking your emails, all while enjoying the fresh air and the green surroundings. Wi-Fi connectivity also comes handy when you have some urgent work to complete.

Phone/Laptop charging points: You don’t have to rush to your apartment to charge your mobile/laptop and other devices if charging points are provided at the reception or lobby of each building in the complex. Some comfortable seating arrangement can also be provided, so that people can continue to use their electronic devices while they are charging it. This can be very useful when you are busy with something important.

Laundromat: Commercial Laundromats are more powerful and they provide better cleaning and drying, as compared to the standard washing machines used in homes. If Laundromats are available in your apartment complex, you will not have to invest money in buying a washing machine. You won’t have to worry about repair & maintenance issues either. Standard fully-automatic washing machines are hassle-free, but if your work takes you places, buying a washing machine would not be of much use.

Spa/Yoga center: The pulls and pressures of modern day lifestyles can create significant stress and anxiety, which can lead to various physical and mental health issues. Spa, massage therapy and yoga have emerged as holistic ways to reduce stress and anxiety. These can be useful for people who have hectic lifestyles. If Spa/Yoga facility is available in-house, it could save your time and the trouble of navigating the busy city traffic. You can go there any day of the week to enjoy some relaxing and peaceful moments.

Bike storage/Bike racks: Cycling is known to be beneficial for both physical endurance and mental health. Kids and teenagers love to ride their bicycles and even adults are joining in for the fun and adventure. If you love cycling, you should look for an apartment project that has dedicated space for bike storage. It could be a simple setup, wherein bike racks are installed at easily accessible locations for the convenience of residents.

Electric car/two-wheeler charging stations: e-vehicles have started to get the attention of people who understand and care about the environment. The running cost per mile is also cheaper in case of e-vehicles. Apartment complexes that have electric vehicle charging stations can be beneficial for people who want to use electric vehicles. These charging stations can be installed next to each parking space, for both cars and two wheelers. It would be a good way to promote the use of electric vehicles.

Recycling services: The new generation has greater awareness about environmental issues and they are willing to do their bit for the environment. A modern apartment complex should have specialized recycling facilities, so that waste can be collected and recycled in a safe and environment-friendly manner. Residents would be willing to contribute by segregating garbage at their end into various bins such as bio-waste, paper, plastic, metal, and glass. An in-house composting facility will also be useful, as it would make the society entirely self-sufficient in terms of waste management.

Rooftop lounge: Modern apartments can enhance the livingexperience of its residents by building rooftop lounges. People can come here to relish the good food, and enjoy the grand view of the city and the beautiful night sky. A rooftop lounge would be the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. It would also come handy for special occasions such as hosting birthday parties, anniversaries, get-togethers, etc.

Fire pits/Barbeque: During seasons when the mercury starts to drop, spending time by the fire can be very comforting and enjoyable. Modern apartments should have dedicated spaces for fire pits and barbeque, so that residents can get the opportunity to enjoy time in the open. This would be a great place for passionate conversations with your loved one. Or consider a get-together with your friends by the fire pit, with barbeque and drinks, which would be truly delightful.

These unique amenities will bring you ever closer to the experience of community living, which is now gaining momentum across the globe. Community living is all about making sustainable lifestyle choices that are favorable to your neighbors and the environment. With these amenities, the entire community space will be like an extension to your home, where you can work, play, relax, and interact with other members of the society. These unique amenities will add to your comfort and ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

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