5 dog breeds for small apartments

Are you a dog lover and thinking of adopting a brand new puppy? You might be thinking that you need a huge house with a big fenced-in outdoor to fulfill your dream of having a dog. But the truth is, if you are living in an apartment os a smaller house, there are plenty of dog breeds that will adapt to your space and steal your heart. You can refer to the below-mentioned list of 5 the best dog breeds for apartments and small houses.

Beagle :

Beagles are one of the cutest dogs ever and absolutely perfect small houses. They are small, active, friendly, playful, gentle, and ideal for families with kids. This dog breed can be a great companion in general. They have a strong sense of smell and you may see them easily carried away when they find an interesting trail of smell. You should train your beagle from an early age, otherwise, it may feel too inclined to chase a butterfly, rats, or other dogs – anything that smells interesting. Beagles normally come in gorgeous colors like lemon, red, and white. Their adorable face, big brown or hazel eyes and long ears make them extremely popular among Indian pet lovers.

Indian Spitz:

If you live in a small apartment, you can adopt this cutely attractive dog breed. They are overtly adorable and ideal for nuclear families. This tiny ball of fur is very active and taking them out for a walk is a great way to get their energy out. This dog breed is very famous among Indian households as they are adapted to a warm climate and can tolerate the Indian heat without much difficulty. But sometimes they tend to involve in fights with other bigger dogs.


These little nuggets are low maintenance dogs interms of grooming and exercise needs. Small spaces are ideal for them and they love to cuddle. They are adorable, intelligent, and playful. Their round apple-shaped head, erect ears, and brilliant big expressive eyes make them look so cute. Their coats come in various colors which can be long or short. This dog breed is loyal, charming, confident, and active with a big appetite for play. This tiny bundle of joy needs obedience training early on or they can be a menace.


Pomeranians have a tiny body – generally under 4 kgs. They are covered in a gorgeous, thick, double coat that comes in over two dozen colors. They are extremely intelligent and dominating in contrast to their harmless outlook. Pomeranians are alert dogs; easy to train and are exceptionally good watchdog. Their playful, friendly, and loyal nature makes them an ideal option for families with kids.


Pugs are famous for their wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. Pugs are great companion dogs and are silent and docile. If you are planning to adopt this lively, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate breed, you can go easy in terms of their exercise and training. Pugs are very easy to train and does not need much exercise. But they need attention in the grooming department.

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