5 of the cutest robot pets you will ever meet

A real pet comes with huge responsibilities and expenses. But if you’re looking for a fuzzy little companion, why don’t you get a robot pet? Nowadays, parents are aware of the benefits of getting their child a robotic pet instead of a real one. Here we are sharing our views on the 5 of the cutest robot pets you will ever meet.

  1. Furby

Furbies are digital robots the ostensibly resemble a furry owl. This cute pet can work with their house owners and can even talk to you in 24 different languages. Launched in 1998 it was the greatest vendor for a number of years. 40 million furbies have been bought in the first 3 years.

  1. PARO

Sounds like the name of an Indian movie character right? However, PARO is the cutest and a complicated interactive robot designed to appear like a seal pup. This acts as a stress-relieving help as a type of animal remedy and it also has been licensed by the Guinness World Data. PARO comes with 5 types of sensors: gentle, tactile, temperature, and posture sensors.

  1. Yume Neko

Yume Neko is the perfect, cute robotic cat who does not like to scratch, bite or give you fur allergy. Undoubtedly you will fall in love with this diminutive cuddly-bot. It could work together, though in a restricted capability. Neko is always ready to meow, purr and might even sense when you find yourself close by. It gives you a feeling of an actual cat by making a sound in response to your habits, blinking its eyes, striking its ears and closing its mouth.

  1. Leonardo

Leonardo has the appearance between Gizmo from the Gremlins and a cute little pet. Private Robots Group created this cute, intelligent robot in collaboration with Stan Winston Studios. This robot has been designed in a way to work with the owner and also construct an emotional reference with them. Since it’s the costliest residence robot it comes with the ability to speak and study identical to individuals.

  1. AIBO

One of the most refined home robots around is AIBO. Being extremely interactive and cute this robot pet could make you fall in love with it very quickly. This four-legged compact robot can see colouration, hear in stereo and feel objects. Since its launching in 1998 this robot pet has come a long way.

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