7 defence industry innovations that remind us of Skynet

Probably you are wrong if you suspect that Skynet cannot exist in the real world. Dangers of artificial intelligence have been shown in various stories and films. And it is impossible to ignore Skynet in the movie Destroyer. Once it was mentioned by Stephen Hawking that the development of full artificial intelligence would spell the end of the human race. So here, today, we’re gonna explore the current development in technologies which are gonna be terrifying.

  1. Skyborg- Al Jets & Drones

US Air Force has announced a new Al program called Skynet. It aims at introducing autonomously flying drones and even an unmanned drone in future. An Al fighter jet that can be controlled by superintelligent Al is terrifying though we are far away from superintelligence.

  1. The Active Denial System

Though the defence industry did not aim to make it completely lethal, it transmits invisible electromagnetic radiation that creates a burning sensation on the skin. So, it is not something you want to be near. The water molecules on a person’s skin up to 130 degrees F from 500 yards away.

  1. Quantum Stealth

Quantum stealth is no exception since the defence industry cranks out some amazing technology. This technology has the power to camouflage people by bending light around the object it is hiding. Now you’ve to worry about Al robots completely cloaking themselves along with their faster running and hunting skills.

  1. Al Bullets

You wouldn’t want any Skynet Al robot to get hold of DARPA’s EXACTO defence program’s technology. These bullets can counter environmental effects like crosswinds and air density, directing its path to perfect headshots.

  1. PHASR

US Department of Defense designed this gigantic laser gun not to disorient enemies but to stun enemies. This gun can temporarily blind the opponent so that he cannot aim when fighting. If it gets into Skynet’s hand it’ll be the most dangerous military technology.

  1. Weaponizing the Human Brain

It’s a bit terrifying yet exciting to know that you can operate objects with just your brain, specifically with your thoughts. It might sound a bit vague and vain, but the Chinese Military is already testing brain-controlled robots for creating a new breed of soldiers.

  1. The Railgun

Different parts of the defence industry are currently engaged in developing an electromagnetic railgun that can fire a projectile faster than the speed of sound i.e. 5,000 miles per hour or Mach 8. It will be the deadliest weapon if it falls into Skynet’s hand.

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