5 Small Changes That Can Revamp Your Rooms

Everyone loves to live in a beautifully decorated home, and from time to time we like to change the look of the rooms to make them fresh. However, you don’t need to spend thousands each time you want to refresh your rooms. Here are some changes that can change how your room looks and they won’t break your bank!

Let’s start with your main door. If your door has a doorknob, scout the second-hand market or flea market for old antique doorknobs, the quirkier, the better. If your main door does not have doorknob, then you can add a door knocker. Go for brass ones as they are long-lasting. Again, flea markets, auction houses can be a great place to find little gems.

Coming to your living room, little changes can brighten it up, starting with changing the cushion covers of your sofa or the rug. If you have bare walls, small wall décor like a photo frame, wall art, and even posters will be good. Another cheap and DIY room décor is making hanging photo frames with a string of fairy lights and some clothespins. Spread the fairy lights across a wall and use clothespin (go for the wooden ones for that vintage feel) and hang your favourite photos from them. If you can print them in polaroid style, all the better! If you don’t want to spend any money and still want to change the look of the room, try rearranging your furniture.

Do you have a spacious passage with plenty of sunshine? Then add a potted plant to it. An indoor plant automatically makes the room feel fresh and beautiful. If you have a display cabinet with a nice top, place small indoor plants or cactus in small earthen pots. Cactuses are easy to maintain and add great charm to the rooms. Such small potted plants will also look great in the bathroom; you can place them on the flush or the windowsill.

Coming to your kitchen, even rearranging your bottles and jars can make it look great. Another great way to jazz it up is to use wall stickers that you can paste on the tiles. 3D stickers are also great to stick on old cabinet doors to give them a new look. Hunt the local fair or artisan market to find earthen pots and jars to display your spices and daily condiments in a new way.

Coming to the bedroom, a runner along the bed or a soft rug can make the room look good. Even placing an incense holder and burning some incense before bed can make the room feel more invigorating. If you don’t like burning incense, aromatherapy candles with your favourite essential oils can be a good choice. As for the room décor, you can add a beautiful wall sticker to give the room a new look. If you have a book side table, a new lamp can change the look of the room.

These are just some suggestions to change the look of your room. Just let your creativity flow and you can have a new décor without spending much in no time.


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