7 Steps to Survive an Apocalypse According to Science

Though it is unlikely to happen, however, picturing these situations and the skills needed to survive is fun. What would you do if something happens like this? Where would you take shelter? How to survive from it? Will you see another civilization taking shape? Check out top 7 tips that are mentioned below to survive an apocalypse according to science, if there would be one.

  1. Masks are important

In between all those plague-ridden ruins and burning cities, struggling to catch a breath of fresh air is obvious. The most important thing to survive on the forsaken Earth is a couple of gas masks. Using one would filter out all the pollutants present in the air such as chlorine, ammonia or toxic dust. Masks made from charcoal based filters are best since activated charcoal filters unwanted dusts and chemicals that you do not want to fill your lungs with. You might find limited supplies since everyone must be on the run to get the masks. And if you are unable to find, don’t hesitate from creating one yourself.

  1. A good hideout

Nowadays, most of us live in cities as they are so convenient and full of shops. However, it becomes the worst place to be in during an apocalypse. So, get out of the city first. With no light, no water, gas, electricity and no food it will starve you to death. So move out to the outskirts where you can find a river with fresh water. Not only water, you can start growing your own food alongside the river. Make sure you don’t end up in the Arctic circle or the middle of the dessert.

  1. A survival kit

Within a short notice to get out of the house, it’s difficult to pack up all the necessary stuffs. Instead, pack a small survival kit of water bottle, food packages, knife, twine for tying things and empty plastic bottles. For sterilizing polluted water, these empty plastic bottles can be a great help. This is all about being igneous, clever and using things in different ways. Recently, a research revealed that around 36% of UK population is already prepared and they have a bug-out-bag prepared, in case any disaster strikes.

  1. Mobile Phone

Today, if we ask what’s the one thing we can’t live without, apart from food and water it’s our mobile phones. However, if the civilization collapses, they won’t be of much use. But, there’s one feature that will continue working for a couple of months post-apocalypse, and that is GPS. Since you would not be able to call people for help, the map feature will continue to function as it depends on the satellite for signals. And the same applies to your smartphone compass too.

  1. Become a super scavenger

Foraging or scavenging for the necessary things is one of the biggest key to survive an apocalypse. Car battery and alternator are one among the best things to get your hands on. They can be used for making a watermill or a simple windmill to refill the battery. Solar panel can be used for charging your mobile phone. Analog wristwatch will do the job of compass. If you point the minute hand towards the sun, halfway between the hour hand and the number 12 will show you where south is.

  1. Food

The survivors of the fallen civilization would be able to dine on the leftovers just for a few days. Very soon abandoned supermarket shelves or the cans of food will be consumed or gone. And after that, to avoid starving to death, you have to redevelop agriculture. You have to grow food for yourself and your partners since you can no longer use the stale food that have been lying in the collapsed supermarkets for weeks.

  1. Purify water

To avoid surrendering to water borne diseases, you have to make sure the water you’re consuming is pure. Bleach, iodine tablets from the ruins of markets or swimming pool chlorine can be diluted to disinfect water. But the best way to purify is by boiling. So fill empty plastic bottles with water, and leave it in the sun for some hours or days. Within a day or so, the UV rays emitted from the sun will kill the pathogens present in the water by passing right through it.

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