9 Major Amenities That Are Essential For Your Luxury Apartment

World-class amenities are a must for your luxury apartment, as they significantly enhance the quality of life. With the right amenities, you can get work done with just a phone call and gain access to a multitude of health, sports, recreational and entertainment facilities. Amenities also help promote the sense of community living by providing residents the opportunity to interact with each other. If you are planning to buy a luxury apartment, you should first check out the amenities that the project is offering. Here’s a list of 9 major amenities that are essential for your luxury apartment.

Uninterrupted power

You have hosted a grand party to celebrate your wedding anniversary when suddenly the power goes kaput. Or consider the scenario when you may be working from home and there’s a major power cut in the area. Situations like these can mar the experience of living in a luxury apartment. This is why it is essential to choose a luxury apartment that has uninterrupted power supply for the entire home. Some housing societies have their own mini power plants whereas others rely on commercial grade back-up generators. Power cuts are quite common across the country, which is why uninterrupted power is a must for your luxury apartment.

Swimming pool

Taking a dip in the pool provides for a refreshing experience. It is proven to take away the stress and anxiety of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You will love it even more when the mercury starts to soar during the summer months. A pool will also come handy during the cooler months, when you can lounge on a comfortable deck chair and soak in the sun. Kids also love to spend time at the pool, so you might consider that possibility as well. Depending on availability, you can also host pool parties for your friends and colleagues.


A clubhouse can have various things of your interest such as fine dining restaurant, bakery, library, mini theater, gymnasium, indoor sports, coffee shop, etc. A clubhouse provides the perfect getaway when things start to get a bit dreary inside your home. You can spend some quality time alone at the clubhouse or you can use it as a platform to interact and network with other people. For example, you can read a book in the coffee shop or play a game of billiards with your friends.

Electric vehicle charging stations

The government has already envisioned the transition from petrol/dieselvehicles to battery-operated vehicles by 2030. On the global level too, we are witnessing an increased preference for e-vehicles. As the world grapples with climate change, e-vehicles have emerged as an ideal solution to tackle environmental concerns. Since you are likely to use an e-vehicle in the future, your luxury apartment project should have electric vehicle charging stations. If not currently available, there should be at least a provision for developing such infrastructure in the future.

Fiber-optic internet


With advanced technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality, the distances of this world are shrinking. An increasing number of people now prefer to work from home, as traffic and pollution levels have become unbearable in most top cities. To make the best use of these advanced technologies, you will need high-speedinternet connection such as fiber-optic network. With a fiber-optic network, your virtual self can be present in any part of the world to host or attend meetings or to participate in any other event.

Concierge services

These services simplify your life by outsourcing most of the mundane and routine tasks such as calling a taxi, buying movie & concert tickets, arranging spa services, booking hotels& flights, etc. Concierge services may also include banking services such as cash and check deposits. The concierge desk may also be linked with other key services such as plumbing, electricity, laundry services, etc. With concierge services, you can do more with the time you have. Most of these concierge services can be accessed online or you may have to make a phone call.

Spa/Yoga Center

Things can get stressful at times, which is why an in-house spa/yoga center is desirable. Holistic healing techniques such as spa and yoga are said to be highly effective in relieving stress andanxiety and providing numerous other health benefits. Regular sessions of spa/yoga will boost your energy levels and strengthen your immune system. You will experience optimal health, something that will be beneficial in both your personal and professional life. An in-house spa/yoga center will also be most appropriate for your family members.

Piped gas

You probably wouldn’t want the cooking gas to run out when you are in the middle of preparing a gourmet meal. To avoid such hassles, make sure your luxury apartment has piped gas facility. Piped gas connection offers various benefits, for example, freedom from the constant hassle of ordering and receiving gas refills. Since there is no storage of gas, you also save space and eliminate the risk of potential accidents.

Recycling services

If you care about the environment, you should prefer a luxury apartment project that has dedicated recycling facility. There should be a proper system to segregate garbage into separate bins such as glass, paper, metal and plastic. For managing wet waste, an in-house composting facility is desirable. The theme of recycling can also be tagged as an important goal that brings the entire community together. With recycling services, you can contribute to preserving this world for your kids and future generations.

These amenities will add to the comfort and pleasure that you derive from your luxury apartment. When most of the essential services and facilities are available in-house, it will save you the trouble of going out and negotiating the busy traffic and pollution. When things you need are available within walking distance, it will save your time and energy. Some of these amenities also provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay, make sure your luxury apartment has these essential amenities.

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