ACC launches General Duty Assistant Program to empower and strengthen local community

The program targets local unemployed youth and aims to equip them with essential skills for a career in the medical industry.
A batch of 35 participants commenced their training, preparing for roles in patient care and medical support.
The program aligns with ACC’s commitment to community empowerment and development.

Mumbai, 21 September 2023: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, introduced ‘General Duty Assistant Program’ in its Lakheri plant. This innovative initiative is geared towards empowering local unemployed youth by imparting vital skills for a rewarding future in the medical field as healthcare support professionals.

The comprehensive training curriculum ensures that aspiring individuals gain the necessary expertise demanded by the industry. This program encompasses a diverse array of skills, including patient care, adept handling of medical equipment, effective communication techniques, and an understanding of ethical considerations.

The launch of the General Duty Assistant Program took place at the DISHA center on July 26, 2023 in Lakheri where they welcomed 35 enthusiastic local youths who are now embarking on a journey towards a brighter future.

Dedicated trainees, upon successful completion of the training program, will have the chance to embark on careers as skilled General Duty Assistants within private hospitals. Given the substantial demand in the medical industry for professionals with this specialized skill set, this program stands as an important pathway to personal growth as well as community progress.

The response from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many recognizing the impactful contribution of ACC towards nurturing local talent and creating long lasting impact by addressing unemployment challenges. This initiative resonates deeply with the company’s core values, exemplifying the philosophy of ‘Growth with Goodness’ and uplifts individuals, equipping them for employment opportunities.

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