Adani Foundation’s water initiatives at ACC Bargarh site showcase a story of sustainable community development

· Adani Foundation’s water projects at ACC Bargarh site in Katapali Gram Panchayat have directly benefited around 3,000 individuals, addressing water challenges and improving livelihoods.

· This collaboration highlights a sustainable approach, utilising resources innovatively for positive impacts like improved water access, economic growth, and better connectivity in Katapali village.

Odisha, 22 April 2024: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Portfolio, in yet another step towards reshaping the lives of communities, along with Adani Foundation has collaborated with the Gram Panchayat in Katapali (Bargarh District). The company has undertaken two significant water conservation projects in the financial year 2023-24, right before the excessive summer and subsequent monsoon sets in, to address water challenges faced by Katapali Gram Panchayat, home to an estimated population of around 10,000 residents.

The first initiative comprised excavating a 12-acre section of the Katapali pond, resulting in a notable increase in water availability and encouraging sustainable water practices. Furthermore, a check dam was constructed in February 2024 for sustaining water levels during extreme weather conditions and preventing water loss during periods of excessive flow into the connected canal, significantly reducing wastage and ensuring water retention for use by villagers.

These initiatives directly benefit around 3,000 individuals in Katapali, addressing persistent water challenges and improving overall quality of life. In a resultant move, the excavated soil from the pond was ingeniously utilised to construct a new 400-metre road, improving connectivity between essential facilities like the hospital and the village.

The collaborative efforts between Adani Foundation and the Gram Panchayat that resulted in the construction of the dam has also enabled the Gram Panchayat to lease the pond for pisciculture, generating additional income and employment opportunities. The Tulashi Self Help Group (SHG), comprising 12 women members, has leased the pond for a period of five years and invested here in pisciculture, leading to financial stability and growth for the community members. This activity has already begun bearing fruit in the form of a new income source for the SHG members.

These water initiatives by Adani Foundation at the ACC Bargarh site underscore their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development, creating positive impacts and fostering inclusive growth in Katapali village.

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