Aditya School of Business Management of Aditya Group of Institutions introduces New PGDM Programs in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and Business Analytics from Academic Year 2024-2025

Mumbai, 3rd June 2024: The Aditya School of Business Management under the aegis of Aditya Group, one of the esteemed educational Institutions based in Mumbai, is proud to announce the launch of two new Post-Graduate Diploma Programs: PGDM in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and PGDM in Business Analytics from the current academic year 2024-2025. These new PGDM courses will be setting new benchmarks for innovation in education by giving students the necessary resources and instructions they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving field. With these initiatives, Aditya School of Business Management (ASBM) will be able to meet the growing need of the neo industries for trained personnel.

Dr. A.S. Suresh Iyer, Director, Aditya School of Business Management, says “The digital economy, defined by the widespread use of digital technology, is reshaping industries across the globe. The constant growth in the digital economy has thrown up a dire need for data-centric professions. The world of data requires both data scientists and managers, as organisations try to harness the power of big data to drive decision-making and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, AI is opening up new avenues of innovation and transformation across industries in the current digital era. Amongst the various fields of AI, generative AI stands out as a particularly disruptive force offering both opportunities and challenges to existing organisational and management processes.”

Students in the PGDM in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science program will gain a thorough understanding of data models, machine learning, and artificial intelligence through an extensive curriculum. Strategy and business insights are seen holistically by those pursuing the PGDM in Business Analytics.

He adds, “We are looking forward to seeing how the launch of our two brand-new PGDM programs in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and Business Analytics transforms this dynamic landscape. The programs that have been introduced in the academic year 2024–2025 are evidence of our dedication to giving our students access to state-of-the-art industry aligned programs. We welcome a fresh group of bright young minds to our institution in order to leverage the potential of business analytics and artificial intelligence & Data Science. This is sure to spur innovation and generate value for both themselves and the Industry, given that there is an increasing demand for knowledgeable and qualified personnel in these fields. These two programs will be the most beneficial PGDM courses in Mumbai”.

To help students make deft and useful business judgments, students will study subjects like data visualisation, statistical and predictive analysis, and fundamental to sophisticated quantitative approaches. Novel curricula such as this, will assist students in recognising possibilities to advance their education and equip themselves with the knowledge needed to succeed in lucrative industries like technology, healthcare, retail, and finance. The Aditya School of Business Management offers these courses in collaboration with industry faculty as two-year PGDM programs in Mumbai.

Students acquire competencies that will benefit them in the profession and help them get ready for a data-driven world through curricula that integrate theoretical learning with practical experiences. The Aditya School of Business Management offers students access to internships and real-world employment opportunities thanks to its cutting-edge facilities, knowledgeable instructors, and industry partnerships. Students from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in learning more and who have a strong interest in the rapidly expanding fields of artificial intelligence and business analytics will excel in these new PGDM programs.

Aditya School of Business Management

Aditya School of Business Management (ASBM) is an emerging leader in management education in India Best Management College in Mumbai. Over a decade old, ASBM is one of the best management institutes in Mumbai. It has experienced extremely rapid growth as a preferred institute by recruiters and has created a unique identity for itself by challenging conventional thinking through the global exposure given to students. Faculty across academics and the industry representing all business disciplines provide enriching experiences and teachings both in as well as outside the classroom.


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