Afifa jibran known for her beauty with brain.

Afifa jibran, basically from Pakistan is a known model. She is exclusively beautiful and works for clothing brands as a model. Afifa is said to have educated from London. Initially from London and now living in Pakistan Afifa is a wellknown for her social work as well. Afifa jibran being such a gorgeous lady is also known as beauty with brains. Afifa does modeling for various platforms such as gaming apps etc.

Imagining of an actress to be a social service provider as well is a bit different to grasp, but yes afifa does that too. Afifa being a genuine and emotional person has helped people to manage their lives. Afifa has worked for variety of people in the society especially the orphans. Not only in India but her social work has reflected her presence in Asia, Dubai, Africa, srilanka, Bangladesh and other countries. Being a lady of such a great confidence and mindset is really a boon to mankind and the society.

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