AI Stops Crop Losses: Agri Firms Lead the Way!

Agriculture is an essential sector that sustains millions of people globally by supplying food and resources. Nevertheless, farmers face substantial challenges from unpredictable weather, pests, and diseases, causing significant crop losses. These losses not only affect farmers’ livelihoods but also disrupt the global food supply chain.

Fortunately, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the agriculture industry, and many agri firms are turning to AI-powered systems to mitigate crop losses. These AI-powered systems use sensors, drones, and other technologies to gather data on crop health, weather patterns, and soil conditions. The data is then analyzed by machine learning algorithms that can predict potential crop losses and provide recommendations to farmers on how to prevent them. It is speculated that AI-based advisories would be useful to increase production by 30%. This is a significant improvement that could help farmers increase their profitability and contribute to global food security. AI-powered systems can provide farmers with real-time insights into crop health, weather patterns, and soil conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions about when to irrigate, fertilize, and harvest their crops.

Let’s see the Agritechs that are leveraging AI-powered technologies and assisting farmers in reducing crop losses and boosting production.

1.Agribazaar – Founded in 2016, the idea behind AgriBazaar is to deliver tech-enabled future-ready solutions to the farming community in a frictionless manner and revolutionize the way post-harvest management services are processed across the country. With a team of information technology professionals, data scientists, agronomists and on-field workers the platform has developed and provides advanced solutions including crop monitoring, image-based testing, and AI-based satellite-imaging for crop-yield estimations, weather tracking and soil moisture detection, among others. In addition to these core services, the platform also offers allied services such as market intelligence, quality testing and agri-produce insurance.

2.CropIn:- CropIn is an AI powered agritech company based in Bangalore, India, that provides data -driven Solutions to farmers and agribusiness. The company was founded in 2010 by krishna kumar and kunal prasad  CropIn has developed a suite of digital tools and platforms that use AI, machine learning, and satellite imagery to help farmers increase crop yields, reduce losses, and improve profitability.CropIn’s flagship product is its SmartFarm platform, which uses sensors and AI algorithms to collect data on crop health, weather patterns, and soil conditions. The platform provides farmers with real-time insights and recommendations on when to irrigate, fertilize, and harvest their crops.

3.AgNext:- AgNext specializes in using AI and machine learning to provide quality assessment solutions for crop and agriculture produce . Their technology analyze various parameters such as color, texture and Chemical composition to detect quality issues and  potential contaminants. By identifying substandard produce, AgNext enables farmers to take corrective actions, reducing crop losses and ensuring better market value.

4. Intello Labs:- Intello labs is an agri analytics company that uses computer vision and AI to provide quality assessments of agricultural Produce. The Company’s technology helps to identify the quality of agricultural products , detect, and provide insights to farmers ,traders, and Consumers. Intello Labs services are aimed at reducing food wastage , improving the quality of agricultural produce , and providing transparency to consumers.

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