Combating the menace of Global warming has become a challenging task of present times. Biofuels development holds promise as they are considered eco-friendly renewable and widespread. Bioethanol and Biodiesel have been projected as an alternative to Petrol and Diesel. Feedstock availability and production costs are the key drivers toward sustainable and commercial production and implementation of biofuels. Our energy security will remain vulnerable until economic resources are identified and appropriate processes are developed. A strong focus on technology development is imperative for the adaptation of second/third generation of advanced biofuels utilizing domestic feedstocks including agricultural residues/ industrial wastes that otherwise are simply burnt/ thrown out…

Acid oil has been identified as an economic resource as it is readily available in large quantities at most vegetable oil refineries, about 1060 vegetable oil refineries in India process about 25 Million Tons of vegetable oils and generates about 4-4.2 Million Tons of acid oil at their sites which are considered as unwanted and are disposed of at 40-42000 Rs. /ton. As acid oil contains free fatty acids and moisture contents far excess than permissible limits conventional trans-esterification process cannot be employed. A new type of ED3R esterification process developed at the R& D center produces Biodiesel of International specifications. The process is economically viable, simple, and be easily scaled up as per the needs.

ED3R process consists of an esterification unit, methanol recovery enrichment, and recycling unit which are chronologically arranged and operated. Methanol is continuously fed to the esterification vessel and the methanol-water vapor mixture produced is continuously taken out.

The mixture is fed to a recovery unit where methanol is enriched recovered recycled and reused.

At the forefront of this transformative endeavor is GoGreen BioEnergy India Pvt Ltd, the organization responsible for the pioneering development and implementation of the ED3R process. Spearheaded by visionary leaders such as BM Kulkarni and Madhu HN, with Naveen Pawar as the CEO, GoGreen BioEnergy India Pvt Ltd continues to drive innovation and sustainability in the biofuels industry.

As the world seeks cleaner and greener energy solutions, the utilization of acid oil for biodiesel production showcases how waste materials can be transformed into valuable economic resources. By tapping into the potential of acid oil through the ED3R process, India and the global community take a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting energy security, and fostering a sustainable future. As GoGreen BioEnergy India Pvt Ltd leads the charge, their commitment to developing green energy solutions, and social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp Web:, ensure that their transformative efforts continue to inspire and influence the bioenergy landscape positively.

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