Android 10 – What’s New

Android 10 has already reached Google Pixel devices and some other top-end phones. In the coming months, many other smartphones will get Android 10. Several new phones will come pre-installed with Android 10 whereas many others will be updated to Android 10. To know what’s in store, here’s a quick overview of all that’s new and exciting in Android 10.

Dark mode: Based on popular demand, Google has finally introduced dark theme to Android. Dark mode is said to reduce stress on the eyes and it also helps improve battery life.

Gesture navigation: Now you can control the screen with gestures instead of swiping on the screen. You can pull the screen up and down and move backward and forward without touching the screen.

Enhanced security: With Android 10, your data is safer than ever. All privacy settings can be accessed from a single dashboard and you can control the type of data you want to set as private and those that can be accessed by browsers and apps.

Live caption: With Android 10, you can add captions to your audio, video and podcasts. The functionality works even when there is no internet connection. You can add captions to downloaded videos or even stuff that you record.

Direct security updates: In earlier versions of Android, security updates were channeled throughrespective apps. In Android 10, this process has been centralized. You will be getting security updates directly from Google Play, as soon as they are available.

Focus mode: When you are doing something important, you may not want apps sending you notifications or pop-ups. Android 10 comes with focus mode that can be used to pause apps temporarily. You can turn apps on and off with just a tap.

Family link: If your kids use your smartphone, Android 10 provides a dedicated mechanism to keep a tab on their activities. With family link, you can control apps and content that can be accessed by your kids. You can also monitortheir online activities and set screen time limits. Family link can also be used to track the location of your child.

Sound amplifier: This works with your headphone to provide more clarity to things that you are listening. Sound amplifier performs multiple functions such as reducing background noise, enhancing sound quality and fine tuning sound output.

Smart actions: In addition to providing smart reply suggestions, Android 10 also offers recommended actions. For example, if you receive a text message with an address, smart action can instantly show you the map to reach there.

There are several more features available in Android 10. If you are planning to buy an Android smartphone, it would be better to go for a device that has Android 10 or is slated to be updated to Android 10.

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