Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive?

It’s been proven through several studies that our looks contribute significantly to how we are perceived as an individual. It can be a key determinant in defining our career options, marriage, friends and our social and professional success in life. In today’s age, hair loss has emerged as a big challenge to looking good. As the general perception is negative about hair loss, bald men are often nervous about their looks. Their anxieties increase even more when they go on a date or propose marriage.

So, how do women perceive bald men? Do they find them less attractive in comparison to men with a thick mane? Well, this question will be tough to answer in a simple yes or no, as several other factors come into play.

According to a recently conducted study, men with partial baldness are perceived more negatively, as compared to fully bald men or those without any hair loss. It is hence advisable that if you have partial hair loss, you should shave your head completely and maintain it that way. The ratings were given by women on various parameters such as dominance, confidence, masculinity and perceived age of the men in the survey.

Some psychologists say that feelings of insecurity arising from hair loss can also impact how a man interacts with a potential partner. It is possible that a man’s own insecurities may have a negative impact on the relationship. For example, a woman may be okay with entering into a relationship with a bald guy, but the man’s own anxieties and insecurities about being bald can act as a barrier.

Nobody wants to get bald, but in today’s age of stressful lifestyles and high pollution levels, hair loss has become quite common. Many of those affected by it are quite unhappy and are constantly seeking ways to solve their problem. This is why hair loss treatment industry has been booming in recent years. According to estimates, the hair loss treatment industry is valued at around $4 billion.

Getting back to answering the original question, the verdict is that men with partial hair loss get the least rating in terms of attractiveness. However, please note that attractiveness is not the only criteria that matters in a relationship. How you feel with a person, your attitude, values and your subconscious connections play a much bigger role in defining your relationships.

So, if you think being bald makes you ugly, we would suggest that you let the other person decide. In case you are finding it difficult to accept yourself in your bald avatar, you can go for a reliable hair loss treatment procedure.

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