Apps That Can Save Your Life

The world as we know it has undergone phenomenal changes in the last few decades. It’s now a highly perilous world, where we constantly face the risk of injury or even losing our lives. It could be an accident on the road, a fatal health issue, a reaction to a medicine, mob lynching, riots, natural calamities, and various other developments. However, there are certain mobile apps that can come handy in emergency situations. Here are some of the apps that can potentially save your life.

Medical ID: Most people lock their mobile phones with a PIN, password or pattern. In case of emergency, the information on your mobile may become inaccessible to anyone trying to help. With Medical ID app, you can make important information available from the lock screen. You can display information like emergency contact numbers, your medical profile, blood type, allergies, etc. This information will be very useful to anyone who may be trying to help you.

Disaster Alert: This app has been developed by the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC). It provides real-time information about various threats such as cyclones, earthquakes, flood, storm, tsunami, volcano, wildfire, etc. The information is provided for threats across the globe, which makes it useful for people in every country. The threats are displayed on an interactive map, which makes it easier for users to comprehend.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker: This app can be used to track the location of your loved ones in real time. You can create groups, after which the location of each member of the group will be visible in the app. You can set alerts and notifications to know when your loved one has left or reached their destination. The app can also be used to track stolen or lost phones.

First Aid – Red Cross Guide: This app provides detailed information about how to deal with various types of emergency situations. It has step-by-step instructions to deal with various emergency situations such as heart attack, drowning, stroke, heatstroke, burns, bleeding, seizures, suffocation, fainting, etc. The app also provides emergency numbers of most countries in the world. Another great feature is that the information in the app is available in offline mode.

Red Panic Button: Sometimes, you may be in a really tough situation when all you can manage to do is press a button. This is where the Red Panic Button app can come handy. The moment you press the panic button, the app will automatically send SMS and email to your chosen contacts. Details of your location will immediately be notified to your contacts. You can also place emergency audio/video calls using this app.

Have these apps installed on your phone to deal with emergency situations. You may not need them every day, but on bad days, these apps can potentially save your life.

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