Why Choose Windows PC over MacBook

Apple’s MacBook is preferred by the elite, but are they really useful for everyday office work? If you ask experts, many of them would agree that Windows PCs are much better in terms of ease of use and general office requirements. Let’s take a look at some key reasons why a Windows PC would be a much better choice for you, as compared to a MacBook.

Price: Windows PCs are significantly cheaper, as compared to MacBook. This is one of the key reasons why the majority of people in the world use Windows PC. The high price charged by Apple does not necessarily make MacBook a better notebook. Some reports indicate that a MacBook will last longer than a standard Windows PC, but there is no conclusive evidence regarding this. For the price of a MacBook, one can easily buy 2 or even 3 Windows PCs.

Compatibility with third-party software: Windows PCs offer better compatibility with a wide variety of third-party software. Microsoft’s own software, Office Suite, works seamlessly on Windows PCs. Microsoft Office is compatible with MacBook also, but users have reported various problems such as slow speed, formatting issues, etc. Design software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. also work better on Windows PCs. In most offices, these are the primary third-party software systems that are used. This is why Windows PCs are the mainstay in most offices.

Gaming: The gaming experience is far better on Windows PCs, as compared to MacBook. Windows provides better integration with various gaming software and hardware upgrades, as is needed by serious gamers. Even if you want to upgrade your MacBook hardware, such as adding an advanced graphic card, it will cost you a lot more than upgrading your Windows PC.

Costly repairs: Windows PCs can be easily repaired and the costs involved are quite manageable. However, if a MacBook breaks down, you will have no option other than to take it to an authorized Apple service center. MacBook parts are quite costly, so the repair costs can spiral beyond control.

Freeware options: When it comes to freeware software, there are a lot more options for Windows PCs. There are freeware for MacBook also, but their numbers are fairly limited.

Confusing interface: As compared to Windows PCs, MacBook has a largely confusing interface. It takes a lot of time to become familiar with the various features and functionalities available on MacBook.

Last but not least, you cannot build your own custom MacBook. You can create a custom Windows PC of your choice, but the same option is not available with MacBook. In case of a MacBook, you have to be satisfied with what Apple has to offer.

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