Are Women Getting More Beautiful?

In society, there is a general perception that women are getting more beautiful. While there is some research on this aspect, it is yet to be conclusively proved. One also has to delve into whether men too are getting handsome and smarter with every generation. To answer such questions, here are some important things to understand.

Genetic programming – In a world dictated by the principle of survival of the fittest, beauty plays an important role in case of women. It can be said that women are genetically programmed to become more beautiful with evolution. Studies show that beautiful women are more likely to have healthier mates and in turn create healthier offspring. It is also noted that beautiful women create more baby girls than baby boys. And the entire cycle repeats over and over again.

Men evolve differently – For men, the rules of evolution are quite different. While women may want their partner to be handsome, there are various other factors that can come into play. For example, a woman may evaluate a man’s intelligence, social skills, their ability to bring food on the table, provide shelter, protect the family, etc. So, these are the areas where evolution may focus in the case of men. Some researchers opine that while women are getting more beautiful, men may actually be slower across most evolutionary aspects.

Grooming and beauty tools – The perception of women getting more beautiful may also come from increased focus on grooming. There are now much better beauty tools available, which can help enhance one’s beauty. Seasoned groomers are skilled in hiding the weaknesses, while highlighting the beauty points. Clothing also has a role to play, as it can enhance the sense of beauty associated with a woman. Things like cosmetic surgery are also being extensively used in the race to become more beautiful.

Role of technology – Social media has been playing a major role in shaping people’s perception about beauty. A significant percentage of the photos and videos are shot using smartphones. And most smartphones now have automated tools to enhance the clicked images and videos. These may be quite different from what one sees in the front of a mirror. When such digitally enhanced photos and videos are shared across online platforms, it can make the world look a lot more beautiful than it actually is.

Celebrity influence – Part of our perceptions are shaped by top celebrities. These individuals have access to the best tools in grooming, make-up, photography and video shoots. The end product that users see is actually a highly enhanced version of the actual thing. Such tools were not available with earlier generations. As such, it may create a perception that the present generation of women are more beautiful than earlier generations.

Last but not least, nutrition could also be a factor why today’s women may be more beautiful than their predecessors. There is plenty of research data available now, which can be used to choose food items that are most beneficial for the body. With the ability to make informed choices about food, it is possible to get more radiant skin and an attractive body profile.

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