Ashok Tanwar, AAP Leader Made Samaj Sewak Sagar Kumar Join AAP Party

A well-known Indian politician of AAP party Ashok Tanwar made Samaj Sevak Sagar Kumar join the AAP party. Sagar Kumar also known as Aryan Narwat is a perfect role model for the youth and is looking to uplift and motivate the youth by joining the Aam Aadmi Party.

Sagar has always been an inspiration for the youth and invariably promoted humanity. From motivational videos on social media to help the rural children of India, he has always given his best for the welfare of the people. Explaining the reason to join the Aam Aadmi Party, Sagar Kumar quoted, “I was always inspired by the work and high standards of probity that AAP holds. Shri. Arvind Kejriwal has always been my inspiration as he is always up for the betterment and keeps on inspiring the youth for the progress and prosperity of the nation.”

According to Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the youth is the future of the nation, backing the same quote Sagar Kumar is an active youth influencer and tries to reach them through motivational videos through social media channels. Along with that Sagar is also a founder of India Fitness NGO known as ‘Fitholic association’ which aims to make India a fit nation by helping rural parts and children of India. As most inspirational social activists look for fame and their own publicity, Sagar has been seen through his works that inspire the young generation to stay motivated and gain a sense of belief in performing their duty with incredible potential.

As India is a country with 65% of the population filled with the young generation. By joining AAP, Sagar aims to grasp a maximum number of the population and inspire them. From the start, he has always paid attention to the needs of the people, and to improve he has been donating 50% of his salary to NGOs for the benefit of the nation which is still an inspiration for many of his fan followers.

Upon enlisting his name with Aam Aadmi Party he added, “I pay special thanks to Shri Ashok Tanwar for helping me join the AAP. I am looking forward to performing my duty to lead the youth of the nation and keep on inspiring them for a better tomorrow.”

Sagar is also a national member of the UN program called ‘Let’s Do It India’ which aims to keep the surroundings clean and keep the children healthy. He joined AAP because he was influenced by Kejriwal’s ideology and also was welcomed into Aam Aadmi Party by offering him a cap.

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