Atul Kumar Singh

Atul Kumar Singh is an Indian politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) from the Lok Sabha constituency of Ghosi in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He is a member of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). It is considered that Atul is close to Mukhtar Ansari, who was a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Mau constituency for five consecutive terms from 1996 to 2017. It is said that it was Mukhtar who introduced Atul Kumar into active politics in 2017.

Atul Kumar’s first attempt to score a win was during 2017 assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. He contested from Zamania assembly constituency, which comes under Ghazipur district. However, Atul lost this election and was placed at second position. He lost to Sunita Singh of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Sunita had received 76,823 votes whereas Atul got 67,559 votes.

In his second attempt to win an election, Atul Kumar was chosen to contest from Ghosi Lok Sabha constituency in 2019 general elections. This time he managed to score a win. He received 5,73,829 votes, as compared to his nearest rival Harinarayan Rajbhar of BJP who got 4,51,261 votes. Atul had an advantage in this election, as most top political parties in UP had jointly contested 2019 general elections under an alliance named ‘mahagathbandhan’.

While Atul is currently a Member of Parliament, he is among the candidates who have criminal cases against them. In 2019 general elections, around 43% of the candidates had criminal cases against them.

Early Life and Education

Atul Kumar Singh was born on February 20, 1982 to Shri Bharat Singh and Smt. Kusumlata Singh. He was born in D.L.W., Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. His educational qualifications include B.Sc. and he had studied at Harish Chandra Post Graduate College, Varanasi, Poorvanchal University. He married Priyanka Singh on April 26, 2007.

By profession, Atul Kumar is a contractor. He is one of the registered contractors with the railways. He is the director of four construction firms.

Political Career

  • May 2019: Elected to 17th Lok Sabha
  • 13 Sept. 2019 -12 Sept. 2020: Member, Standing Committee on Commerce
  • 13 Sept. 2020 onwards: Member, Standing Committee on Chemical and Fertilizers

Personal Pursuits

Atul Kumar remains committed to the welfare of people in his constituency. He is actively associated with a number of social welfare programs that aim to provide the necessary assistance to the poor and marginalized groups. He has provided funds in his personal capacity to help the poor and also for the education of children coming from poor families. In his free time, Atul Kumar likes to keep updated with news and current affairs.

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