What Should be in Your Vanity this Monsoon: Expert Suggested

The monsoon heat and humid weather is an invitation to skin woes. Hence it is essential to take necessary steps that would best identify our skin needs as per the seasonal change. Monsoons encourage skin and body infections like acne, dermatitis, heat and skin rashes. However, do not worry, we have got you covered with few tip & tricks from experts to combat skin concerns:

  1. Use gentle cleansers

Hydrating cleansers are gentle and do not strip skin off its natural oils, which are essential in all seasons. Irrespective of your skin type, switch to a soap-free face wash during the monsoon season to get off impurities and excess oil without making your skin dry. Aegte Beetroot Hydrating Face Wash has a skin repair formula that clears and unclogs pores and helps in fighting blemishes or breakouts.

  1. Don’t skip on Exfoliators

Exfoliation is the key to achieve radiant and hydrated skin in monsoons. It helps remove dead skin cells and imparts a natural healthy glow. Having a Vegan exfoliator to suit all skin types is a boon. Like, Aegte Beetroot Hydrating Face Wash increases blood circulation that flushes out toxins. This helps in better absorption of skin care products. start with physical exfoliators, however you can use chemical peels if prescribed by an expert.

  1. Yes to alcohol – free toners

Increase in humidity will make your skin feel sticky, oily & greasy. Investing in a toner which is alcohol-free toner in your monsoon skin care routine can prevent oily skin. Go for the ones with antioxidant ingredients like green tea or glycolic acid to maintain sufficient pH levels, tighten open pores and control blemishes and pimples. Using a toner after cleansing is essential to remove dirt residue and minimise pores.

  1. Every Day, SPF – day

Never skip your Sunscreen, especially in monsoons, it’s a big No-No. It forms a protective film against UV rays to avoid tanned skin. A light watery texture like Aegte’s Glass Skin Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Gel SPF50++ leaves no white cast, andprevents skin damage. Also, its anti-pollution and blue light filter ensures 360° protection to the skin.

  1. Hello to a Light-weighted Moisturizer

Switch to a gel-based & light-weighted formula like Aegte Just Glow Face Moisturizer, a blend of rice, aloe vera extract, and almond oil to lock hydration for long hours without making your face greasy. Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E can keep your skin healthy and happy.

You can take a day out for extra skin care with clay or sheet masks. It can absorb all the excess oil and make your skin hydrated. Get your hands on a natural home remedy like multanimitti proven to work effectively in keeping the oiliness at bay. Make the necessary changes to your skin regimen and experience the change yourself with people complimenting your glowing, brighter and healthier skin.

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